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Watch the signals!

A message of God, delivered to Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen on September 26, 2014. The world has reached the point of the most exciting time; also the non-believers believe this! Verily, these are clear signals. Verily, preach the gospel while you still can!

Published on Feb 8, 2015 by Heiscoming12

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watch the signals

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Hello, very welcome! On September 26th, 2014, an angel of the Lord brought on word for word the following message of God on behalf of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to end-time Prophet of the last days, Benjamin Cousijnsen.

Shalom! I greet you in the wonderful name of Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ. Verily, kadosh, kadosh, kadosh, yes, holy is He, your Rabbouni, your Master! Verily, my name is Rimmonja and I am a messenger angel of God.

Verily, even non-believers feel in their mind and see, that the world must feel each time the hand of God, before they realize that the disasters, such as earthquakes and so on, are no coincidence.
And one also sees that everything is being fulfilled, which was foretold by God’s true beloved end-time Prophet. The world has arrived at the point of the most exciting time! Also the non-believers believe this. Verily, these are clear signals! Thus it also repeatedly says in the holy Scriptures: Watch the signals! Verily, even Elisha was mocked. And they cried: “You baldy!”

Read this but for yourself in: 2 Kings 2, verse 23 to 25

Verily, go door to door and tell in the bus and in the streets and schools, wherever, about Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ, and the Evangelicalendtimemachine.com!
Verily, the freedom to speak the truth in public is more and more put to an end every day by satan. And many even allow it! Verily, preach the gospel while you still can, and crush that head of that snake, that wants you as a Christian to be silent! Trample that snake in the almighty name of Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ. Dance on him; you are more than a conqueror! Verily, everything is increasing very rapidly in the world, which goes beyond all understanding!

1 Thessalonians 5, verse 2  For you yourselves know well that the day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night.
And verse 4  But you, brothers, aren’t in darkness, that the day should overtake you like a thief.
And verse 8  But let us, since we belong to the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love, and, for a helmet, the hope of salvation.
And verse 11 to 15  Therefore exhort one another, and build each other up, even as you also do. But we beg you, brothers, to know those who labor among you, and are over you in the Lord, and admonish you, and to respect and honor them in love for their work’s sake. Be at peace among yourselves. We exhort you, brothers, admonish the disorderly, encourage the fainthearted, support the weak, be patient toward all. See that no one returns evil for evil to anyone, but always follow after that which is good, for one another, and for all.
And verse 19 and 20  Don’t quench the Spirit. Don’t despise prophesies.

Revelation 22, verse 6 and 7  He said to me, “These words are faithful and true. The Lord God of the spirits of the Prophets sent his angel to show to his bondservants the things which must happen soon.” “Behold, I come quickly. Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.”

Verily, doubters might say about the Second Coming: “For you yourselves know well that the day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night!”
Verily, many understand 1 Thessalonians 5, verse 2 wrong. They are unaware of the time!

Daniel 12, verse 9  He answered, You must go now, Daniel, because these words are to be kept secret and hidden until the end comes.

Matthew 16, verse 24  Then Jesus said to his disciples, If anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.
And verse 26  For what will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, and forfeits his life? Or what will a man give in exchange for his life?

John 3, verse 16 and 17  For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God didn’t send his Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world should be saved through him.

Verily, kadosh, holy is Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ!
Before the worst will come, the children of God will have been taken home. Are you Rapture ready?
I’m going now, Ruacha, Yeshu, Shalom! spoke the messenger angel of God, and disappeared.

And also I say to you, Ruacha, Yeshu, Shalom! God bless you


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