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Vision: Christian secret agents!


Published on Apr 15, 2012 by Kharee Ledet

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christelijke geheime agent

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Welcome! On April 15th, 2012, Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen received the following vision, which I’d like to share with you.

The theme is: secret agents!
Benjamin, come!
And… I was suddenly in a place with a huge church…
“What a huge church!” I said to the angel, because I saw an angel suddenly standing next to me. Then the angel said, When you are looking at this church, what do you think about then?
‘Yeah… what do you think about then?’ I thought to myself… “A big church…”, I said, “and there will be a lot of people sitting here”.

Benjamin, God does not look at the size of the church, or at the number of souls in this church.
But God looks at the fruits it contains, and… at the heart.

Look, the doors open… the church service is over.
I saw that the doors were opened, and the people came out of church. And I saw a lot of people coming out. Then the angel said: These are now God’s secret agents!
When they came outside, I saw that one group grabbed for their cell phones, and the other group grabbed immediately for their cigarette. And some were walking with a laptop.

Then the angel spoke, Did not Jesus say:
“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth”. Benjamin, this is written in Acts 1, verse 8.

These ‘secret agents’ have an important mission, just like the church leaders!
And you know what Jesus says? “I am deeply ashamed!” Because… Why? Jesus says, “I am ashamed, because they hear what they want to hear. They see clearly the word, and they listen to the word, but they do absolutely nothing with it”.

The angel said, Well, one thing they do bring outside, which is important.
And that is: their bondage. Nobody of this church is going outside, in order to save souls. And so there are still many examples. Benjamin, look at their attitude. Do you see, their attitude? And listen to them, just go towards them.
I listened, and I saw tight faces. And it looked as if they came from a funeral. Some were dressed as if they came from the movie world. And their subjects, yes, they were about going out, about the weather and work, etcetera, etcetera. But except, who really should have been mentioned, and who is actually much more important, and that is Jesus Christ.

These secret agents are Christians, who have received a secret code of satan.
And you know what this is?
This code is deep in their minds already, and that is: Keep quiet about Jesus Christ!
And about their fruits, said the angel, it is better that I don’t talk about this, because then it’s too late.

Romans 14, verse 12  So each one of us will give account of himself to God… “on the big day!

Benjamin, when Jesus comes, all nations will be gathered.
And He will separate the people as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats: good and evil. And God does not want any man to perish, but that they all come to salvation.
Benjamin, come, I cannot take this anymore, I don’t want to see this anymore, said the angel. Then we arrived at a forest, and the angel of God said:

The house of God should be a house of God!
I felt sadness. Together we have cried, because his grief went through me. And the angel of God was even comforted by fellow angels. This angel said: They desecrate the house of God with worldly practices, in order to rent the church for worldly practices and for entertainment! They forget that God sees everything, said the angel.

These secret agents must repent!
Be an example in your ways! Take Jesus Christ publicly, and be a Christian and not a secret agent! That’s what the angel said. And let your worldly habits go, that doesn’t belong to a child of God. It is also not about the rank in the church, or whatever. Allow Jesus Christ into your heart: Jesus Christ! He is calling you, He calls you by your name and He wants your heart. He still calls you today! Come to Me and be real, and let go of everything that has occurred, and what doesn’t belong to a child of God. Let go, and pray to the Father, and He will forgive you. But I tell you, the angel said, Go, and sin no more, how beautiful your work, name… even sounds. Even if you shout that name of the church high from the rooftops… That’s not the point; God looks much and much deeper!

Many churches will do something with this message.
But there will also be many, who continue their old sinful life. Why?
Because their ways are more important, but especially because money for them is much more important than the soul. They will perish. The most important is, that they learn to obey God, and that they do what the Scripture says, said the angel. I pray, said the angel, along with many other angels of God, that you will surrender yourselves, and change and say:

Lord, here I am, forgive me!
Use me and save me from my bondages. I am willing to serve. I want to totally, totally surrender myself to you, Lord. You are number 1 in my life!

Do you also know, said the angel, they also need to say:
I don’t want to be a secret agent anymore. But also pray: I will be willing to talk about, who Jesus Christ is.
Show your fruit, and let your fruit be carried by you!
Benjamin, you have to go back now.

Maybe you wonder, why there are so many visions now among the children of God.
This is because time is near, and also therefore, Benjamin, therefore you are receiving these visions. But also because God loves the world so much! Yes, He loves the world só much, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. It is time, Benjamin, I’m going to make preparations again, because everything must be ready, because the King is coming! Behold, He is coming very soon, very soon He’ll come. This I heard saying in the distance…

Suddenly I woke up…
And I wrote down every word, every letter, which was given to me, on paper, in order to pass this on to you. I tell you on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ: Don’t be a secret agent! And think about this word.
I wish you God’s blessing, Shalom!


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