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True story: Benjamin and the magic coat


Published on Feb 28, 2013 by Heiscoming12

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Hello all! On June 3rd, 2012, an angel of God appeared to Benjamin Cousijnsen. Benjamin writes,

Benjamin, wake up!
Then he said also: Benjamin, look at that!
I opened my eyes, and… ‘Hey, where am I?’ I wondered.
I thought, said the angel of God, Benjamin is sleeping so very soundly, and cannot be awakened. This may be a problem, so I just decided, in order to move you then.

Then I suddenly saw the street of earlier, in my childhood…
I heard the cafe with the morning music. And I saw a guesthouse, it was Guesthouse Leuverink. Also, I saw a barbershop, and so on. Even there was someone, walking with a black dog. Also the name of the street was to be read at a distance: ‘Hoge Bothof Street’.

The angel pointed to a house, that made me feel very weird and bad.
I said, “I know this house!”
Right! said the angel of God, fear not! My name is Rafaël. I’m here, in order to show you something. Together we went into this home from my childhood.

Benjamin, that’s the way everyone will see back his own life, before God the Father and the angels.
We walked up the stairs, and I saw that terrible wallpaper on the wall. I felt and heard the creaking of the stairs, and all the details.

Benjamin, spoke the angel of God, be still and discover the full truth from your childhood.
The angel touched my mouth very gently, so that I could not speak. Also, we went straight to the bedroom. This was my bedroom, I still remember!
I still remember, there hung a very long type of chamber coat at that door. This coat hung there already from the beginning in this home. And my mother thought it was so beautiful, all those beautiful symbols and characters, and all in gold, but I didn’t like it!

I looked surprised… The angel showed me that little Benjamin over there.
I was seven years old. ‘Strange’, I thought to myself. I saw myself!
And then suddenly I saw that the coat which hung there, moved again also! It moved again, just as in my childhood. I saw it again…
I saw a very scary face of a man… first it was a very small head, in advance, but now I saw it clearly! It moved, but I also saw suddenly that a demonic spirit was sitting in that coat, which moved this coat.
Benjamin, who was then still very small and so cute, he cried it out!
My mother came immediately and took away that coat.
But each time, when I saw that coat hanging again, something very strange did happen. I even saw my mother changing into a witch, while putting on this coat!

Suddenly I stood in the living room…
I thought, ‘How strange’. I even saw some toys and a big doll and a little plastic car, etcetera. The angel of God, Rafaël, said, You know, look over there, there you are lying… He showed me that I was terminally ill. I saw the doctor who was there, shaking ‘no’ with his head. Then the angel of God spoke,

James 4, verse 7 and 8  Be subject therefore to God. But resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. So far.

Then you didn’t know Jesus Christ yet, in order to understand this, said the angel of God.
I lay on the couch as a child, and there was a priest, who stood by me, and who was busy to bless me. But, he also went away.
I saw, I was dying, I had high fever.

And suddenly I saw – what I didn’t see in my childhood – three large, strong angels of God, standing there with that little Benjamin, certainly 7 feet 10 inches tall.
They were there in order to protect Benjamin. And they beat those devilish powers, that were harassing Benjamin so much. They beat them away with a kind of swords of fire, it seemed.
I recovered completely, but that coat… it was still there.
Then God intervened!

Shortly after we got fire…
I remember this, and I didn’t know the cause. The angel of God showed me the cause, live! I saw a fireball, and I heard the rain and the thunder. And that fireball was heading straight for our home, and our home burned down, with that devilish coat, I can say! And I saw those strange colors through the fire, it looked like fireworks!
Benjamin, spoke the angel of God,

Joshua 23, verse 3  And you have seen all that the LORD your God has done to all these nations because of you; for the LORD your God is he that has fought for you.

God Himself, Benjamin, always had His eyes upon you already, even though you didn’t know yet Jesus Christ at the time, and you didn’t understand anything about it as a child.
But the devil always wanted to get rid of you already! You know, he knew that you would ever choose for Jesus Christ, and that you would accept Him into your heart. And this, of course, was going way too far for satan.
Benjamin, look over there!

Suddenly I was in a different kind of time…
Look, Benjamin! I saw myself, coming from outside.
Yes, you came from outside. You were playing, and now you’re going home. We are now a little further in time. You were about 10 years old, do you remember that?
“Yes,” I said, “I still remember. I even recorded a video recently, ‘Jesus Christ healed me completely’, and I also tell about it. Jesus Christ then saw, that I was terribly thirsty.”
And the angel of God said, Yes, you were, and He came to you. And you saw that King, who had so much love for you. You did not yet know who it was, because He didn’t say His name. But He was so lovingly! But I tell you, it was Jesus Christ who was watching. You had never heard of Him yet, but this was the first time that you, Benjamin, saw Him!

Benjamin, look over there… we go a little further in time now.
You were there on your way to school. Your attention was drawn by a very small shop. God Himself had placed a picture of His Son in this shop, you heard me right. You saw that picture and you did not know yet who He was. But, in your thoughts you still had the memory of that King, who warmed your heart and had so much love for you.

And you know, then you went home, and at home you asked for money.
You got money, and the next day you went to that small shop. You wanted so badly that picture with that frame! But when you saw nothing, Benjamin, you asked for it. But what did they say? They said: ‘Never they have had or seen such a thing’. And that was true.

Benjamin, Jesus Christ had always been trying to attract your attention, but then you knew Him not yet.
Jesus Christ is also trying to attract your attention, you there listening.
Now you know Him, Benjamin, but not yet then. He has called you for so long! Until on November 11, 1979, the angels began to cheer, because Benjamin gave his life to Jesus Christ!

Also you there, who’re listening, wake up!
Jesus Christ has His eyes upon you also. Without Jesus Christ, you will really perish. Not if you accept Him into your life of course. If you make the choice, and allow Him into your heart, the past is over, because He wants to give you a new life. All this is possible, if you confess your sins honestly with prayer. And therefore now surrender to Jesus Christ, and take a different road, also in your ways. And walk with Him, who really loves you! Also, visit an evangelical church, where you will be built up. Find a church where God’s fire is!
And absolutely don’t allow satan to stop you, for Jesus says: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. This is written in John 3, verse 16.
Benjamin, you’ll be placed back now…

Next time, maybe, if Jesus Christ calls you, what will you do then?
I tell you, also to the person listening now, You know, when Jesus Christ calls you by your name, what will you do then? I tell you, must Jesus Christ put the trumpet against your ear?
Be vigilant! I tell you, and ready, for He is coming very soon! And He is the Conqueror, the great Conqueror. And the big loser, that’s satan.
For with Him, you are more than a conqueror; you’ll need Jesus Christ for that.

When I myself, Benjamin, was in my bed again, I thought about everything…
I was back in my bedroom. And you know, while I lay there, I thought to myself, ‘Without Jesus Christ in my life, I call all this, outside Jesus Christ: no life’. I would never want to trade places with someone, with no one! Because I know – and I also do feel so – that I’m rich, and that there is a future for all eternity, and that I will be with Him, because I know I am His child. Only through Him, I am saved, for He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.



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