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The Mark of the Antichrist!

Pass this message on, said Michaël, the messenger angel of God. A warning to those left behind… Do not take the mark!

Published on April 16, 2012 by My Shalom

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Hello, welcome! This vision has been given to Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen on April 16th, 2012. Benjamin writes,

My name is Michaël, Shalom! Shalom Benjamin, wake up! Dear Benjamin, I say this to you: Stay in your bed, get some rest, and listen to me.

Pass this message on!
This is a time wherein God will repay His revenge for the injustice that mankind has done to Him.

Benjamin, there will be threatening Christian hatred, worse than ever before!
“Which country, if I may ask?”
I’m talking about Europe. There will be cameras in the streets and on the squares. Also, the passports and tickets will have to be read at every turn, so that they can control man well. These events and many other events, Benjamin, are the final stages wherein satan still has power. This relates not only to Europe, but all over the Earth!

Masses of people, Benjamin, especially children, are conditioned for a satanic mark on the head.
Already, masses of children in schools in Europe, etc., are playfully brought into the hands of satan, with his occult rituals, such as the speaking of spells, divination, and much more. And so they are falling into the hands of the antichrist.

Benjamin, the fall of the world’s currency is coming into play.
Eventually, a mark will now soon come up as a currency.

Revelation 13, verse 16

The mark is part of the world government!
It’s of vital importance that you too do not accept this mark, because it is part of the antichrist. Choose quickly for God, Jesus! It is the last chance to have eternal life.

Benjamin, Jesus preaches about the end times in Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 12, 17 and 21, about false christs, false prophets, and much more.

Also, many Jews have now returned to Israel.
These are also signs of the last days!

Ezekiel 11, verse 17

He who does not want to hear will perish, with their hearing, seeing, and keeping silent.
Benjamin, the world is ready; it is clearly visible! The last world empire is being prepared with the leader, the antichrist. But all this is the beginning!

Be aware, the time is near!
Jesus is coming very soon! Pass this on, spoke the messenger angel. Jesus says: Come to Me, before it is too late. Make your choice. Hell exists, and Heaven!… like I live: Jesus Christ. Benjamin, I call to the believers and non-believers: The time is near! Repent, because the clock will soon cease ticking, and where will you be then?
Benjamin, with your wife you would have fallen asleep, but not with me. Because my words have power, and are firmly put into your memory so that you’ll pass on my message, every word and letter.

Bye, Benjamin!


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