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The Belgian and the Dutchman

It sounds like a joke, but this story really happened and has been passed on to Benjamin Cousijnsen by a messenger angel of God, while he was awake. An impressive story with a lesson!

Published on May 19, 2012 by Cindy

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Shalom, welcome! On May 19th, 2012, Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen received a vision from a messenger angel of God, which I’d like to share with you. Benjamin writes,

I was in my bedroom to set myself apart, when an angel of God spoke to me. He said, Benjamin, glad you’re setting yourself apart for a while in your inner room.

I’ll tell you a story about a Belgian and a Dutchman…
Then I had to laugh.
Why are you laughing? said the angel.
“I laugh”, I said, “because I thought of a… well, a Dutchman and a Belgian… it sounds like a joke to me.”
Who knows! said the angel of God.

The Dutchman, Benjamin, was a church leader, and he was always busy, busy, busy… with all sorts of matters.
And he always showed that he was responsible for his church. But one day, Benjamin, a couple with twelve children suddenly came into his church. They lived on a farm, and they were faithful churchgoers.
But what that church leader was told was that this woman, who stood before him, wanted to leave her husband because her husband was disabled. This Dutch church leader knew that this woman had a very hard time with this. What this church leader didn’t know was that this woman already had a relationship, and that this was actually also the reason that she wanted to leave her husband!
This church leader said, “Okay, I know you so well; I will help you to arrange your affairs”.
Benjamin, but because it took too long for her, said the angel of God, she didn’t give her husband painkillers anymore, which he had always been given. This man couldn’t talk anyway!
She told the doctor that her husband had so much pain. And the doctor, he waited and saw it for a while, and saw that it was all senseless. This man didn’t eat or drink anymore… but the reason for this was… that this woman gave him nothing at all!

Then this man died because this man was given an injection by the doctor.
This pastor probably didn’t know this woman well enough. This Dutchman was always busy, busy, busy, and also didn’t have any time for his wife and children.

But one day, Benjamin, this church leader, who had made this wrong decision with that woman, also died.
He died of a heart attack. Suddenly he stood before the border of Heaven and hell. And there was an angel who said, “Marco, what have you done?”
Marco knew he had always brought the word and said full of pride, “I brought God’s word and I always went for it 100%. Can I go inside now?”
“Wait!” said the angel of God, “I’ll show you your life”.
Benjamin, everything that was hidden, he came to see. And the angel of God said: “Marco, look, do you see this?” The angel pointed to different things in his life, and Marco was very ashamed! He also saw this woman whom he liked, but… he hadn’t even changed her mind.

The angel spoke: “Marco, your church was also your idol”.
Therefore, Marco, this churchgoer was picked up. “What is that?” he suddenly said, “hey, what’s that? That’s my neighbor!” he said.

This neighbor was a Belgian.
“Yes”, said the angel, “he may enter in”.
“What!” he cried, “he never went to church! And he was always sitting and being lazy in front of his home, and he’s not even a Christian!”
“Enough!” cried the angel. “Listen, he couldn’t even walk. And you have never told him anything about Jesus Christ. Shame on you! As a matter of fact, he had accepted Jesus Christ and asked for forgiveness prior to his death. And this, you did not even do, haughty, stubborn Dutchman! How many times did Jesus Christ not call you?”

1 Samuel 2, verse 6  The LORD kills, and makes alive.

Everyone will come and stand before Him, everyone, Benjamin, and also he who is listening now, said the angel.
I tell you, choose the right way, the only way to salvation, which is Jesus Christ. Worship Him alone! You’d better bring your mistakes, sins, to Jesus Christ now, before it’s too late.
The angel said, What a joke, huh, Benjamin? The Belgian entered Heaven and the Dutchman went to hell.
I asked, “But what happened to that woman?” I was curious.
The angel said, She was run over and she became severely handicapped. But her children now care for her. But one day, when she’ll stand before the border of Heaven, I will say, “Watch along with me at your life”. Besides, I say this to everyone: Have you truly accepted Jesus Christ? Did you truly love Him?
Benjamin, everyone must also learn to admit their mistakes to the Lord, and to ask for forgiveness. But they would rather carry it around than go to God… too proud! And many Dutch people are also like that; they need to learn to be humble.

The angel said, Benjamin, pass this on, this joke, as you call it.
Jesus will stand up for you who sincerely regret the mistakes that were made against the Father. He will plead for you before the Father, if you ask for forgiveness. Make everything in order quickly then, because every day could be your last.



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