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The angel of God tells who the Antichrist is!


Published on April 10, 2012 by Cindy & My Shalom

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Welcome! This message was given to Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen by an angel of our Lord Jesus Christ on April 10th, 2012. Benjamin writes, I was still lying in my bed, when I heard the angel’s voice saying to me:

Shalom, time is near!
“Where am I?” I answered.
The angel said: I was thinking, I’m going to take you instantly with me to the garden where Jesus had been taken prisoner.
I looked around me and found myself in the garden where Jesus was betrayed with a kiss.
“Then am I in Israel?” I asked.
Yes, said the angel. He pointed and said: Go there and sit down. I sat on a large boulder. In the distance I also saw a big stone candle with inscriptions.

Benjamin, the world already finds itself in the tribulation.
The antichrist comes from the tribe of Dan. Soon he will tell the people that he is the ‘messiah’ who has been expected for a long time. There will be plagues sent by him. He will hide himself behind his Peace Prize. Benjamin, this false messiah had already fallen a long time ago.

Luke 10, verse 18  He said to them, “I saw satan having fallen like lightning from heaven”.

Benjamin, lightning stands for: Barack

In the scriptures it is written in Hebrew: ‘Satan Barack Obama’, nickname the Beast!
This is his hidden code name.
He also has set his assistant, his helper, to work: the great religious, holy leader.  Revelation 19

Benjamin, a false religion has risen from hell.
Here he, the antichrist, will be worshiped, and his helper will be the spiritual leader. They have already signed the contracts.

Also, this year will be the year of deception and signs and wonders!
The true children of God must get themselves ready, because the Bridegroom stands ready, in order to receive His guests, so that they can take part in the feast.

Time is up!
He who doesn’t listen will perish. One must choose now: for or against Jesus Christ.
People will be having such a hard time that they will wish to be dead. Is it so difficult that one worships the true leader, Jesus Christ? Wash off your sins. Repent now; make the choice now! Submit now to the Maker of Heaven and Earth and Creator of mankind. All honor belongs to God! Accept Him now and be saved. Jesus Christ wants to save you!

The angel of God also showed me images…
I saw the leader at a large table, along with the Pope and even other great leaders. They were talking about a new religion that should come in Israel. I saw that the leader stood up and released the powers. I saw that demons were sent out.
I saw a religious book with Arabic letters in the drawer of the antichrist.
I saw that Christians were arrested in Israel, and I saw that they were stoned and punched and kicked. I also saw churches burning, and a little sign that said: ‘Yeshua HaMa…’; the rest was burnt away. I saw large and small dead bodies… I saw so much!

But what impressed me most was that the antichrist cried out:
“They’re gone! They’re gone!” He was furious. And indeed, I saw ‘fire balls’, they looked like fire balls: Jesus had brought His children home!

The angel said: He is coming and He doesn’t want you to be left behind in this misery!
He cares about you and loves you. Come quickly, or perish!
Benjamin, we have to go back. By the way, Jesus prayed in this place, and fear came over Him…
Suddenly I was in bed. “That went fast!” I said smiling.

The angel smiled back and said: Even more quickly is His Coming!
Shake people awake who are sleeping, with these words coming from God! Also say: Israel, watch out for the thorns from this ‘innocent, beautiful rose’ that sting. This rose has been cultivated in evil. It is the antichrist with his actions! Be awake! Look upon Jesus Christ, and no one else.
Just go to sleep, Benjamin.


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