Testimony Prophet Benjamin: ‘There are no limits to Jesus’ power!’

Published on May 14, 2020 by Evangelical Endtime Machine International & Heiscoming12

Dear brothers and sister, I have on my heart to share the following event with you…

During my childhood, a man lived on the side street of the Ohmstraat in Enschede, where I once lived as a child. This man was not that tall and he faithfully attended the ‘Pniël’ church at Lipperkerkstraat, just like me. His name was Ep Ottens. When he spoke, he didn’t keep his mouth shut to anyone. I remember him walking down to the front during the church service, saying, “There are no limits to Jesus’ power! That’s my testimony; where is your testimony? Is your life so boring? Don’t you experience anything with Jesus, that you have nothing to testify about and that you can’t get out of your lazy chair?” And Ep Ottens also said, “If you don’t take action yourself, and you don’t dare to take the first step on the water, you bunch of lazy bums, then don’t think you will be blessed automatically! Your only pleasure is your lazy church chair. How can Jesus use you? Does He have to spell everything out for you, like with babies? There is enough to testify, and to magnify and to thank and to glorify and to praise Him, in order to grow!”