Importante nga impormasyon

Published on November 7, 2014 by ocgng Sa miaging semana Biyernes, ug mao usab sa Sabado, ang website kay pagabuhaton, ug pagadungagan ug kaanindot ug walay video nga i-post. Sa pagpadayon, tan-awa usab: Palihug sa pagsangyaw ug ayaw usba © BC

Evangelisatiedag 2014 met Clowntje Anita

Published on Oct 27, 2014 by Evangelical Endtime Machine International Terugblik op de succesvolle Evangelisatiedag in Bergen op Zoom, met o.a. Clowntje Anita, Mirella, Benjamin en Marta (verkleed als zwervers in opdracht van de Heer zelf). Ter plekke werden heliumballonnen uitgedeeld, en oeps!, sommige ballonnen vlogen regelrecht de lucht in, landinwaarts, op zoek naar een nieuw […]

Message for the lukewarm Christian in the USA

Published on May 11, 2014 by VictoryInJesus Message for the lukewarm Christian in AMERICA (Babylon) Stop mingling in the world – Open your eyes and see that we are already in the tribulation and soon the Rapture will take place. Be ready and do not let yourself be tricked by wicked deceivers. Then and also […]