Do not rebel against the Most High

Do what is right and good in the Lord’s sight, so that it may go well with you. Published on September 29, 2020 by Ailyn Please share and do not change © BC   Full view: Hello, very welcome! On September 28, 2020, the messenger angel of God brought on the following message to end-time Prophet […]

Hold on and move on!

A message of God: The Lord Adonai, Jesus Christ, your Rabbouni, gives you a wonderful, loving, poetic and encouraging message, and also says to you: Come to Me as a child, always pray in My name, and you’ll overcome… Hold on and move on! Now just look at what we have achieved, My beloved! Published […]

He overcame the test!

THE MESSENGER ANGEL OF GOD, RAFAËL, SPOKE: I TELL YOU IN ALL SIMPLICITY ABOUT JOB! Published August 28, 2014 by The Lamb Is Worthy Please share and do not change © BC Full view: Welcome! On August 22nd, 2014, Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen received the following message from a messenger angel of God, which I’d like […]