Pray for protection for your children!

A WARNING FROM THE LORD GOD: PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN AGAINST THE OCCULT INFLUENCES IN THESE END TIMES! READ HEB. 9:27/ DEUT. 18:10-15/ HOS. 4:6/ PSALM 19:9/ EPH 6:12-18/ JOHN 3:17-21/ MATT. 10:26 Published on Jul 2, 2012 by The Lamb Is Worthy Please share and do not change © BC Full view: Hello! The content […]

Islam is enforced worldwide

Also, Islam is being forced in many schools today and they want you to bend your knee and address a prayer to Allah, so that you repent and submit to Islam! In many hospitals, and at many airports and air bases, among others, there are prayer rooms for Islam. Store owners are often forced to […]

Warning of occult practices in schools!

In many schools it is standard to make use of occult, magic, and educational New Age in these days! Published on Aug 11, 2016 by Heiscoming12 Please share and do not change © BC Full view: Hello, welcome! On August 10th, 2016, an angel of the Lord brought on this warning message of God to […]