Live Church Ruach Sunday Service – November 2023

Published on November 2nd, 2023, by Pastor Jeddy Piloton Hello and welcome, my brothers and sisters in Christ! This is our 103rd live Church Ruach service, the church established by the Lord God Himself under the Ministry of Evangelical As written in Hebrews 13, verse 8, Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday and today, […]

The difference between Jesus Christ and Mohammed!

A message of God: Verily, some say, “It doesn’t make any difference, does it, whether I believe or not in Jesus Christ or in Mohammed?” A special message in which the angel of the Lord also refers to passages from the Quran, if you wish to investigate this, in comparison with God’s truth written in […]

Wahrlich, Christenverfolger, schämen Sie sich!

Dies ist eine ermahnende, warnende Botschaft von Gott an Indien, Indonesien, China, Syrien, Nigeria und die Philippinen. Veröffentlicht am 14. März 2017 von Evangelical Endtime Machine International Bitte teilen und nicht ändern © BC Vollständige Wiedergabe: Shalom, willkommen! Am 14. März 2017 überbrachte Gottes Engelbote diese warnende Botschaft Gottes an Endzeitprophet der letzten Tage, Benjamin […]

A little effort is needed to find out the full truth

Sometimes you need to make a little effort to discover the full truth! Published on Feb 16, 2017 by The Lamb Is Worthy and My Shalom Please share and do not change © BC Full view:  Hello, very welcome! On February 16th, 2017, a messenger angel of God brought on, word for word, the following […]

Een beetje moeite is nodig om de volle waarheid te achterhalen

Soms moet je een beetje moeite doen om de volle waarheid te ontdekken! Gepubliceerd op 16 febr 2017 door Evangelical Endtime Machine International Please share and do not change © BC Volledige weergave:  Hallo, hartelijk welkom! Op 16 februari 2017 bracht Gods bode engel woord voor woord de volgende boodschap over aan eindtijdprofeet Benjamin Cousijnsen, […]

No one other than Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach

THERE IS NO GREATER UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, WHICH IS ONLY TO BE FOUND IN HIM! NO MOHAMMED OR BUDDHA, OR SOME GOD, EVER HAD SO MUCH LOVE FOR MAN AND DID SUCH MIRACLES! Published on Sep 26, 2013 by The Lamb Is Worthy Please share and do not change © BC Full view: Hello, very welcome! […]

Pildiha kanang mga nahisalaag nga chameleons pinaage sa Balaang kalayo sa Dios!

Published on Oct 29, 2015 by Jemuel Piloton Usa ka mensahe sa Dios: Apan hibaloi kini, nga sa ulahing mga adlaw, adunay mga malisud kaayo nga panghitabo! Sa pagkatinuod, ang tanan nga midawat kang Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, kinahanglan mabinantayon. Adunay mga nagtakoban ingon nga mga magtutudlo, bisan diha sa simabahan, aron lamang daghan ang […]

“My cover name is satan”, says Allah!

Revelation of God: Verily, prophet Mohammed was taken over, an instrument of satan/Allah! Published on Nov 11, 2014 by Jeddy Piloton Please share and do not change © BC Full view: Hello, welcome! On November 11th, 2014, the following message was brought on, word for word, to end-time Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen by an angel of […]