My name is Jeddy, and this testimony of mine is commissioned by the Lord, to let the whole world know how the Lord had transformed me, from darkness into light. I can describe myself before as a backslider, hypocrite, addict, headstrong, stubborn, evil, taking for granted of my salvation. Until the time when God has […]

Through the Holy Spirit, you will grow!

A PURE BODY, HEART, AND SPIRIT: IN THERE THE HOLY SPIRIT IS ABLE TO DWELL AND TO WORK THROUGH. LET YOUR BODY AND HEART BE ACCORDING TO THE FIRST WORKS OF GOD: CLEAN AND PURE! Published on September 29, 2013 by Heiscoming12 Please share and do not change © BC Full view: Hello, very welcome! […]

Church Maranatha 1st batch water baptism

Published on June 4, 2020 by Pastor Jeddy Piloton We want to thank the Lord, Yeshua HaMashiach, YHWH, Jesus Christ, and the precious Holy Spirit of God for His supernatural works, that many have come to Christ and surrendered themselves through water baptism. Glory to God!

Die Kinderjahre von Prophet Benjamin

Botschaft Gottes, überbracht in dem allmächtigen und wahrhaftigen Namen über allen Namen, Yeshua HaMashiach, JHWH, Jesus Christus. Als Benjamin noch sehr jung war, bekam er den Spitznamen “Engelchen Gottes” oft zu hören und wurde häufig ausgelacht. Ja, als Kind wurde Benjamin schon nicht immer ernst genommen, weil er über den Himmel sprach und weil er […]

The childhood of Prophet Benjamin

A message from God, passed on in the almighty and true Name above all names, Yeshua HaMashiach, YHWH, Jesus Christ. When Benjamin was very young, he often got the nickname ‘little angel of God’ and was often laughed at. Yes, ever since Benjamin was a child he wasn’t always taken seriously, due to the fact […]

De kinderjaren van Profeet Benjamin

Boodschap Gods, overgebracht in de almachtige en waarachtige Naam boven alle namen, Yeshua HaMashiach, JHWH, Jezus Christus. Toen Benjamin nog heel jong was, kreeg hij vaak de bijnaam ‘engeltje van God’ te horen, en werd hij dikwijls uitgelachen. Ja, als kind al werd Benjamin niet altijd serieus genomen, vanwege dat hij over de Hemel sprak […]

With respect to the Lakota Sioux tribe that found the true Creator!

August 1, 2013  Long ago Rafaël found himself among the Lakota Sioux tribe… From this tribe, many came to believe. Most Indians are monotheistic, which means the following: the belief that there is only one God. Published on Aug 1, 2013 by My Shalom Please share and do not change © BC   Full view: […]

Tugoti ang imong kaugalingon sa usa ka grabe nga kausaban!

Gimantala niadtong Septyembre 23, 2016 ni ocgng Oo, kini possible! Sugdi uban sa limyo nga kahimtang, usa ka bag- o nga kinabuhi, uban niining ‘total nga kausaban’! Paminawa o basaha ang tibook mensahe sa Dios. Palihug sa pagsangyaw ug ayaw usba © BC