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Soon the fish will be separated from the bad ones

In this vision, Jesus Christ himself speaks to Benjamin about the good and bad fish. Choose quickly, says Jesus, because time is short!

Published on Feb 27, 2014 by The Lamb Is Worthy

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Victor Bregeda

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This vision was given to Benjamin Cousijnsen on April 18th, 2012. Benjamin writes,

Benjamin, wake up, look!

I stood somewhere on the side of a beach… I heard the wind and the sea.
Benjamin, look, Gennesaret is more than 93 miles; it is not a sea, but a water surface.
“What are those people doing over there in that boat?”
They are busy with hauling the fish.

Thus I will soon haul My good fish!
God knows very well the difference between bad fish and good fish. He wants them to bite, and being pulled up on the hook. Bad fish, that try to enter the Kingdom of God, are being thrown away.

I am the Saviour, and have conquered death and evil and sin of the people!
Benjamin, those who truly believe, believe that which you have announced in My name. I am alive and am risen from the dead. Now I may very soon pull up the good fish, in My boat.
There are also bad species, and there are so many wonderful fish species, which were created by God. Yet, with pain I have to let them go again, because they have not chosen for Me. Only My love wasn’t enough for these wonderful fish species, because love but only went out from Me. Many fish species will perish, because they don’t want to bite themselves firmly. I did call them so often yet, in order to repent of their sins, but they are swimming in against My water stream.
Look, do you see this?

I saw another boat, that took over the other species of this boat…
In this way the bad fish will be removed by satan, and be thrown into hell. And the good fish, which has listened to Me, and has accepted Me, and keeps My commandments, shall be saved. They will receive new waters and new spiritual oxygen, and they will enjoy God’s heavenly Kingdom. They will lack for nothing anymore. It will go beyond the understanding of these children of God.

Benjamin, say this: Are you that stubborn fish species, are you still living in sin?
Jesus said: Come to Me, I know you from birth already. Come to Me, you may now make the choice! Let yourself be captured by Me, bite yourself firmly and be saved. I forgive your sins and wash you clean. Be quick, because the other species, which do not bite themselves firmly, are being taken over by the other boat, and will be cast into hell.
Choose whom you want to serve today: Jesus or satan. No choice is God’s choice!

Benjamin, do you want to eat a little fish?
“No, after such a message I have lost my appetite, especially for a fish.”
Maybe you have guessed already who I am, Benjamin… I once ate fish with My disciples, and they didn’t recognize Me at first, until I said who I was.
“You’re… Jesus Christ!” I said.
Fear not, Benjamin, do not fall to My feet, because you have to go back now, in order to pass on My words.

Whatever some may say of this message, I have spoken, and you’ll pass on My words!
Also Luke 5 is interesting.
Sleep well, Benjamin!


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