Ruacha, Yeshu, Shalom!
What does it mean?
It is a blessing greeting towards The Father and Son and Holy Spirit, which is also a respectful and reverent blessing greeting in Heaven. Verily, even the angels say it among themselves. On our website, you will find the prophetic and end-time messages and revelations that are given to Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen, the beloved Prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Book ‘Ruacha, Yeshu, Shalom!’ is now available free on E-book that can be found on our website. They are available in English and in Dutch. It is also available on DVDs in many languages such as: in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino, Indonesian, Swahili, Korean, German, and Dutch. On CDs-MP3 – it is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Swahili, Korean, German, and Dutch.

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On DVD: Rapid end-time prophecy fulfillments 2013 – 2016 are turning the world upside down

Available in English and in Dutch (click on image to enlarge)

3,12 Video Hours

Very suitable for evangelism!

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And from now on one will receive a welcome gift, or a Cap, or Shopping cart coins, or DVD, if one faithfully supports the work of the Lord.  Please support the work of the Lord Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ, so that one can continue to make videos for worldwide, evangelism and outreach programs, and to bring the Gospel to the whole world, because it is about many souls!

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Ruacha, Yeshu, Shalom!


FREE E-book ‘RUACHA, YESHU, SHALOM!’ – English and Dutch



now available as e-book!  English version

From now on free access to the English E-book:




now available as e-book!  Dutch version

From now on free access to the Dutch E-book:

Messages on Video in English, German, Dutch, Indonesian, Filipino, Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili and Korean

Video messages have been collected directly from YouTube and Website –
these are unedited and in their original form.
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——- In the KOREAN Language ——-

2 DVD – 57 Prophetic Messages – 7,54 Video Hours

Available in the PAL, and also in NTSC format

2 CD-MP3 format – 57 Prophetic Messages – 7,54 Audio Hours

Donation: $10 or €7.50 (Delivery is included)

——- In the SWAHILI Language ——-

2 DVD – 59 Prophetic Messages – 7,14 Video Hours

Available in the PAL, and also in NTSC format

2 CD-MP3 format – 59 Prophetic Messages – 7,14 Audio Hours

Donation: $10 or €7.50 (Delivery is included)

——- In the RUSSIAN Language ——-

2 DVD – 60 Prophetic Messages – 6,49 Video Hours

Available in the PAL, and also in NTSC format

2 CD-MP3 format – 60 Prophetic Messages – 6,49 Audio Hours

Donation: $10 or €7.50 (Delivery is included)

——- In the PORTUGUESE Language ——-

1 DVD – 22 Prophetic Messages – 2,33 Video Hours

Available in the PAL, and also in NTSC format

1 CD-MP3 – 22 Prophetic Messages – 2,33 Audio Hours

Donation: $10 or €7.50 (Delivery is included)

——- In the DUTCH Language ——-

32 DVDs – 1083 Prophetic Messages – 123 Video Hours

Available in the PAL, and coming soon in NTSC format

Donation $87,50 or €70 (Delivery is included)

13 CDs-MP3 format – 1083 Prophetic Messages – 123 Audio Hours

Donation $50 or €40 (Delivery is included)

——- In the GERMAN Language ——-

16 DVDs – 426 Prophetic Messages – 61 Video Hours

Available in the PAL and NTSC format

Donation $62,50 or €50 (Delivery is included)

9 CDs-MP3 format – 426 Prophetic Messages – 61 Audio Hours

Donation $31 or €25 (Delivery is included)

——- In the INDONESIAN Language ——-

14 DVDs – 519 Prophetic Messages – 51 Video Hours

Donation $62,50 or €50 or in communication (Delivery included)

6 CDs-MP3 – 519 Prophetic Messages – 51 Audio Hours

Donation $25 or €20 or in communication (Delivery included)

——- In the FILIPINO Language ——-

20 DVDs – 742 Prophetic Messages – 102 Video Hours

Donation $95 or €75 or in communication (Delivery included)

——- In the SPANISH Language ——-

4 DVDs – 215 Prophetic Messages – 25 Video Hours

Donation $20 or €15 (Delivery included)

4 CDs-MP3 format – 215 Prophetic Messages – 25 Audio Hours

Donation $20 or €15 (Delivery included)

——- In the ENGLISH Language ——-

34 DVDs – 1142 Prophetic Messages – 131 Video Hours

Donation $100 or €80 (Delivery included)

14 CDs-MP3 format – 1142 Prophetic Messages – 131 Audio Hours

Donation $56 or €45 (Delivery included)

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Action Movie: Rapid Prophetic Judgments and Fulfilments of God in this world

Now available on DVD, 2 hrs. 28 minutes – Donation $6,25 or €5 (Delivery included)

Available on DVD with Spanish subtitles, 2 hrs. 28 minutes – Donation $6,25 or €5 (Delivery included)
Available on DVD with Dutch subtitles, 2 hrs. 28 minutes – Donation $6,25 or €5 (Delivery included)

On DVD incl. Testimonies of Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen, and Salvation and Protection Prayers, 3 hrs. 49 min –
Donation $10 or €8 (Delivery included)

A great gift for a lukewarm Christian or an unbeliever in order to wake them up and discern the end times!

Prophecies given to Benjamin Cousijnsen

These prophetic messages have been given 100% by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Since early 2012, the Lord has been warning everyone in recent times through His messenger angels, who bring on the revelations and prophetic messages to His beloved Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen. By God himself, he is appointed as His simple Prophet of the end times. In the presence of a messenger angel of God, Benjamin Cousijnsen writes down everything, word for word. They always come in the name of Jesus Christ, also called Yeshua HaMashiach in Hebrew.

Please help us to pass on these important messages. Translate it (without changing it) into other languages that you know, so that it will spread worldwide.

The Lord’s Coming is very near, and the Lord Jesus Christ warns humanity more than ever, in order to hear the voice calling in the last days: “Prepare the way of the Lord; make His paths straight!” Prepare yourself! All these words are from the Lord God, Jesus Christ. Time is short!

Profecías dadas Benjamín Cousijnsen

Estos mensajes proféticos han sido dados 100% por El Dios de Abraham, Isaac y Jacob. Desde el principio del año 2012, El Señor ha estado avisando a todo el mundo en estos últimos tiempos por medio de sus ángeles mensajeros, que llevan las revelaciones y mensajes proféticos de Dios a su amado Benjamín Cousijnsen, nombrado por Dios como Su sencillo Profeta de los últimos tiempos finales.

En presencia de los angeles mensajeros de Dios, Benjamín Cousijnsen escribe, palabra por palabra, tal como los angeles de Dios se lo indican, y se presentan en el nombre de Jesucristo, qual nombre en Hebreo es Yeshua HaMashiach.