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Revelation from God: 666 Code – Decoded

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Published on July 5, 2021 by Pastor Jeddy

I greet you in the Name of the Lord Yeshua, YHWH, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I want to share the revelation of the Lord to me yesterday regarding the mark of the beast and its code 666 in which God said in His scriptures in Revelation 13:18 In this case wisdom is needed: Let the person who has understanding calculate the total number of the beast, because it is a human total number, and the sum of the number is 666.

The Holy Spirit woke me up at 12 midnight and write down what the Lord told me, I believe by God’s grace this is an eye-opener to everyone especially to all churches and many be shocked by this revelation. This is what the Lord wanted me to share with everyone regarding the mark of the beast 666 and its code. Glory to God!

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