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Prophecies and Revelations given to Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Radio EndtimeNews, beautiful Songs, Testimonies, Prayers, and more.

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Radio EndtimeNews station weekly Playlist


001 Intro2 Radio Endtimenews

002 Endtimenews message: The hammer of God has struck!

003 Endtimenews message: The Coronavirus: There is only one measure that really fights infections

004 Isaiah 53:3-7 By His Stripes We are Healed – Esther Mui

005 Endtimenews message: God’s Spirit says: Speak!

006 Endtimenews message: The love between man and animal

007 Show Me Your Face – Paul Wilbur

008 Endtimenews message: Now let’s together unmask this queen of the darkness

009 Before partaking in God’s Holiness of the Lord’s Supper

010 For Your Name Is Holy – Paul Wilbur

011 Endtimenews message: Verily Philippines, listen attentively, the following is prophetic!

012 Endtimenews message: Prophecy: The Lord will send plagues of insects!

013 Hear O Israel – Jordan Elias

014 Endtimenews message: Tribulation and takeover by ISIS fighters worldwide more visible than ever

015 Endtimenews message: Him only will I serve above all technology

016 Thank God I Am Free – The Detty Sisters

017 Radio Promotion 1

018 Vatican to open controversial WW2-era files on Pope Pius XII

019 Teaching: About the RFID-chip, the number 666

020 I Will Call Upon the Lord – Jonathan Settel

021 Testimony: The day I met a Teenage skateboarder

022 Prayer: Abba, Father, I open my heart

023 Come, Spirit Of God – Bo, Ruach Elohim – Daniel Kopp and Sarah Liberman

024 Endtimenews message: The Angel of Death tells about the valley of souls

025 About baptism: God’s passion!

026 Peace Give I To Thee – Maranatha Music

027 For the Children International: De Koningskinderen – Deel 9

028 Thy Will – Hillary Scott & The Scott Family


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