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Prophecies Given to Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Radio EndtimeNews, Songs, Testimonies, Prayers, and more.

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Radio EndtimeNews station weekly Playlist


001 Intro1 Radio Endtimenews

002 Wonder world: Facebook spends $1 Billion Dollars for controlling computers with your thoughts!

003 The Lord Roars From Zion – Karen Davis

004 Update on One World Religion Chrislam and Christian persecution

005 Heavenly Father – Maranatha Music

006 Message from God: Love doesn’t force

007 I Am who I Am, who is speaking to you

008 Mighty God (Mi Kamocha) – Jonathan Settel

009 Endtimenews message: The devilish scheme revealed!

010 Endtimenews message: Prophetic message of God – Increase RFID-chip

011 Endtimenews message: God’s prophetic revelation about AREA 51

012 Come Let’s Go Up to the Mountain – Paul Wilbur

013 Endtimenews message: Some who serve the Lord will let Him down!

014 Movie audio: June 10, 2015  The antichrist Obama fully supports Islam!

015 Avinu, Malkeinu – Karen Davis

016 My testimony by Cindy

017 Prayer: There is mercy for you!

018 Praise The Lord – Maranatha Music

019 Endtimenews message: This is not science fiction!

020 Radio Endtimenews Advertisement1 Book, CDs and DVDs

021 Current worldwide disasters happening as a result of God’s punishments

022 Isaiah 53 – Jonathan Settel

023 Movie audio: June 5, 2015  The following disasters are final!

024 Testimony from Ailyn – Church Ruach

025 Psalm 121 in Hebrew – Joshua Aaron

026 Prayer: Pray this prayer from your heart


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