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Prophecies Given to Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Radio EndtimeNews, Songs, Testimonies, Prayers, and more.

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Radio EndtimeNews station weekly Playlist


001 Intro1 Radio Endtimenews

002 Endtimenews message: Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen is God’s chosen end-time Prophet of the last days

003 Made A Way – Travis Greene

004 Endtimenews message: 80% of the social aid agencies are not good

005 The Lord sees our hearts and tests our thoughts

006 You are My Son (Korean) – VA

007 Endtimenews message: Manipulation of the Media by initiator Obama

008 Endtimenews message: As God spoke back then He also speaks today

009 Jesus, Name Above All Names – Naida Hearn

010 Endtimenews message: I reveal to you among other things, North Korea will soon fire a test missile

011 Endtimenews message: The Lord Yeshua HaMashiach, YHWH, Jesus Christ, doesn’t allow His work to be destroyed!

012 You are my hiding place – Joseph Edward

013 Prayer for healing: I acknowledge You as my Savior and the God of all flesh

014 Movie audio: January 22, 2016  Washington and Baltimore, you get more!

015 Teaching: Salvation message and prayer

016 Give Thanks with a Grateful heart – artist unknown

017 Endtimenews message: A copy of a human being!

018 For the Children: Karin, this message is especially for you

019 I will Surely Bless you (Korean) – WLC

020 My testimony – Bettina

021 Evangelical EndTime Machine Promotion

022 A new book teaches children how to summon demons for personal benefit

023 Instagram apostasy stirs controversy over Christian influencers

024 Gadol Adonai (Great is the Lord) – Praise to Our God 5 Concert

025 Movie audio: January 18, 2016  Substantial rainfall and severe wind gusts will strike the countries mentioned

026 Testimony international: An die Hirten des Landes

027 Prayer: To You belongs the praise and worship and devotion and all the glory

028 Song of Ezekiel – Paul Wilbur

029 Endtimenews message: Do not give the honor to the darkness, Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus


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