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Radio EndtimeNews station weekly Playlist


001 Intro1 Radio Endtimenews

002 The killing of a life and Christian persecution are unrestrained

003 Endtimenews message: Write the date of these spoken prophecies on your calendar!

004 Hallowed Be Your Name – Derick Thomas

005 Endtimenews message: Warning to China, India, Mexico, and Spain

006 Are you sure whether Christ lives in you?

007 Endtimenews message: Nothing can separate us from His power and love!

008 Amazing Love – Rachel Robinson

009 Endtimenews message: Daily tragedies around you, up to date through the step-wise takeover

010 Endtimenews message: Look at your face once!

011 Behold What Manner Of Love – Maranatha Singers

012 Endtimenews message: Stand ready, day or night!

013 Testimony: A fallen angel at Walmart

014 Welcome, Holy Spirit

015 Movie audio: January 23, 2015  Why evil is now visibly and quickly spreading around

016 Let this song bless you!

017 Prayer: Receive His love, His power, His healing and His forgiveness today!

018 I Love You, Lord – Maranatha! Praise Band

019 Radio Endtimenews Advertisement1 Book, CDs and DVDs

020 Endtimenews message: 5000 Christians disappeared at once from Chinese FEMA camp

021 Demonic end time events against righteousness

022 Your Love Divine – The Richard Smallwood Singers

023 Movie audio: January 19, 2015  Prophecy: Boko Haram will soon be afflicted with a severe blow by God’s hand!

024 Testimony: Fallen angels disguised as angels of light

025 Agnus Dei Alleluia Alleluia – Jotta A.

026 Prayer: Powerrr! Break out, enough is enough!

027 Hallelujah – Kofi Karikari