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Genre: Evangelical

Location: United States

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Radio EndtimeNews station weekly Playlist


001 Intro3 and announcement Radio Endtimenews!

002 The Palestinian government encourage the children to commit terror attacks against Israel

003 Thank you for the cigarette and God bless you!

004 Even There – Zemer Levav

005 Endtimenews message: Alert: Let the works of the fallen angels be known to you!

006 Walk through your house and also examine your stuff!

007 You Raise Me Up – Selah

008 Movie audio: January 22, 2016  Washington and Baltimore, you get more!

009 Testimony: It started with a teddy bear

010 My Beloved – Joshua Aaron

011 Enter His Sanctuary in His presence

012 Advertisement1 Books, Dvds and Cd-Mp3s

013 Endtimenews message: I will send Thunder and he’ll bring you a lot of damage!

014 Movie audio: January 18, 2016  Substantial rainfall and severe wind gusts will strike the countries mentioned!

015 Hine El Yeshuati – הנה אל ישועתי – Midor Ledor

016 Testimony: There is healing in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

017 Prayer: For the hour is coming that you will be free!

018 Adir – The Yeshiva Boys Choir

019 Christian artists must make same-sex wedding invitations

020 The Star of Solomon carved into the center of a wooden cross

021 Cry No More – ירושלים – שוואקי – Shwekey

022 A confrontation with a cross-dresser

023 Closed American churches are turned into beer halls

024 Ma Navu (How Beautiful) – Barry Segal & Batya Segal

025 A Baptist Church with history

026 Information about Church Ruach, The Philippines

027 Worship dance: Show me Your face