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Prophecies and Revelations were given to Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Radio EndtimeNews, beautiful Songs, Testimonies, Prayers, and more.

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Radio EndtimeNews station weekly Playlist

1 Intro Radio 2021

2 Endtimenews message: The Lord made a perfect sacrifice once and for all!

3 Endtimenews message: Keep His words in your heart

4 We Celebrate Messiah – Jonathan Settel

5 Holy Holy Holy – Paul Wilbur

6 Endtimenews message: Be an overcomer in Yeshua, Jesus Christ!

7 Endtimenews message: The past is gone!

8 Show me Your face – Kimberly and Alberto Rivera

9 God Will Make A Way – Don Moen

10 Radio Endtime News: January 17, 2023 Cristian Persecution, Demonic works, Abortion, LGBT Agenda, and the Corona Vaccine

11 Mystery – Jonathan Settel

12 Bible verse reading – Romans chapter 1

13 Jesus, King of Angels – Fernando Ortega

14 Endtimenews message: A pair of glasses with ‘dazzling’ options!

15 Endtimenews message: The Lord does not hand out just desserts!

16 Oh How I Love Jesus -The Detty Family

17 Rise Again – Dallas Holm

18 Teaching – You Are Not Alone

19 Testimony and encouragement – Sharing the Good News

20 Prayer – For Recovery and Healing

21 Oh the Blood – Joshua Aaron

22 Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior – Sounds Like Reign

23 Endtimenews message: Not the slightest chance with deeds alone!

24 Endtimenews message: God wants to shake you awake!

25 Just a little talk with Jesus – Redeemed Quartet

26 Walking with Jesus – Paid in full Trio

27 Endtimenews message: Don’t treat your neighbor as the Pharisees and Sadducees treated Me

28 Endtimenews messages: Why do you beat Me?

29 Ancient of Days – Ron Kenoly

30 Kingdom of Heaven – Rick Pino and Adam Carpenter

31 Endtimenews message: These signs refer to the fake and to the real Christians

32 Endtimenews message: Satan cannot stand God’s messages

33 Lord of Eternity – Fernando Ortega

34 Before the Throne of God – Selah

35 Endtimenews message: Faith works wonders

36 Endtimenews message: Countless people were standing before God’s throne!

37 Be Glorified – Ron Kenoly

38 As Long As I Breathe – Zemer Levav

39 Aaronic Benediction – Joshua Aaron & Misha Goetz

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