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Prophetic: 5 Revelations in the night!


Published on January 31, 2012 by Heiscoming12

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Hello, welcome! On January 31st, 2012, Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen was visited by a messenger angel of God.

This is what Benjamin wrote down, of all that he had seen and heard…
I lay in bed, and suddenly an angel stood beside my bed. He said: Benjamin, come!
I followed the angel, and I saw my body just lying in bed behind me. I followed the angel, and then we stood on the street. I saw a great water bubble-like shape. The angel stepped through this water bubble, and said to me: Come! I followed him and together we stepped into this bubble-like shape.
Suddenly I saw that I was completely somewhere else…

I saw all these people around me…
They were singing, glorifying, and praising God. I thought, ‘That sounds good!’ While the people were singing like that, the angel of God said: You know, these are Christians.
I shook my head, and said, “Yes, I can see that”.
I found myself in a church. The angel of God said: Do you know what God is really sad about?
I said, “No”.
The people are singing: “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!” These people do praise, but not from their hearts. They are just powerless words that do not come from their hearts, said the angel of God. Look, and can you hear what they are singing?
I heard the people singing songs, all to the honor of God, but suddenly I felt the movement of the Holy Spirit. As the presence of the Holy Spirit started getting stronger, and as I could feel that the Holy Spirit wanted to touch and heal people, the song was suddenly cut off, and they proceeded to mention the list of the sick in church, while the Holy Spirit só wanted to work in the church, and the people felt that the Lord wanted to do something! By cutting the song short, and by proceeding to something else, no room was given to the Holy Spirit in order to work! So the working of the Holy Spirit was broken off like this. Together with the angel of God, I saw this happen.
I also noticed that the people who had a ministry, a certain task in church, came down the stage enthusiastically, and sat down again, because the sick were recited. Hereafter they began to sing again, but they still didn’t sing from their hearts.

Later there was a break…
Some people walked out of the hall. I saw a sort of corridor outside the building, while others remained in the corridor. And others went out of sight where they couldn’t be seen standing. They were drinking coffee and talking together, and they lit cigarettes and began to smoke. People had a little chat and made appointments with each other.
The angel of God spoke: Those people over there, who had the lead and are in the ministry, just sang, “God is good!” and other songs in order to exalt God, but they are all just words!

You know, Benjamin, on the inside they look very different; they are not clean.
If you are not clean on the inside you really can’t start to serve the Lord, because you have to be free! The Holy Spirit can only work in someone if he is free and clean. Does God not say that the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit?
The angel of God showed me all of this. The angel of God said: I don’t need to be here any longer, now that I have showed you this, and have shared this with you.
God is not pleased with these and many other churches. He would most like to turn everything upside down, because they have made a flea market, a mess of it!

When the messenger angel of God took me outside again, he said to me: Now I’ll show you something very different…
Just step in here. Again I stepped through the giant bubble-like drop, which seemed to move. It stood in the middle of the street. We stepped through it, and suddenly it seemed as if I quickly moved forward in a sort of tube. On the left and on the right I saw what looked like bones. I saw red colors and went through it quickly.
The further we went, the more I saw something that looked blackish and purulent. There was a dirty, smelly odor! It was a sooty, tar-like odor. I could barely watch that, and it almost made me sick.
Suddenly the angel of God cried: Stop! And we immediately stood still on the spot.
As we had moved further through this tube, the louder I heard a noise… “Boom, boom”, I heard knocking. The sound boomed through my head, and I could barely stand it!
Now we stood still. The angel seemed to control me, because with the ‘stop’ command I also immediately stood still. In the distance I saw a piece of flesh which looked so dirty! Then the angel of God said: What do you think of it here?
“Disgusting!” I said.

You know, spoke the messenger angel of God, where do you think you are?
I said, “It seems like I am Jonah in a kind of big fish, and was consumed!” I felt like it too. You probably know that story.
The angel of God began to smile a little. He said: No, this is not a fish, this is the body!
“The body?” I said.
Yes, spoke the angel of God. This is the body that belongs to Christ.
I said, “That body is saying this… that it belongs to Christ?”
Yes, said the angel of God, you find yourself in the man! Many Christians are like that. They smoke and they are not clean inside, which is why I’m showing this to you, said the angel of God.
I said, “This, you really did not need to show me. I find it disgusting!” It stunk and it was dirty there, and I didn’t like that sort of thing. But I understood very well what the angel of God made clear to me, that God is not happy about this. Especially the Holy Spirit, because, how can the Holy Spirit be in a body now, where nicotine and stench are!
You know, spoke the angel of God, a man who serves Christ should be pure and clean. In him the Holy Spirit is able to work. Now how can the Holy Spirit work in a contaminated body? Should we not be the same as Christ is? Do we not strive to the perfection? Do we not strive in order to be pure and clean?
Christ commands us to be clean and pure with the body, also on the inside!
The angel of God took me along again. We returned and went away from that place.

Then we were suddenly outside again…
The angel of God spoke: Now do you understand it a bit?
I said, “Yes, I understand it”.
Now I’ll take you along somewhere, which totally has nothing to do with this, spoke the angel of God.

Again we stepped through the water-like bubble, and I noticed that we suddenly found ourselves between mountains…
To the left and right of the spot where we stood, were high, major mountains! The material of the giant mountains to the left and right of us looked like granite. Then the messenger angel of God spoke: Follow me! Do exactly what I say…

Then the angel of God went right through the wall of the mountain, and he disappeared from sight.
So I followed him, but I ran into the mountain wall with my head, and felt the hard blow, in real-life, but couldn’t get through.
The angel came back and said: Benjamin, I said, do exactly what I do.
I thought, ‘Yes, I did, didn’t I?’
I had looked too much at the mountain and realized that I had no faith, in order to walk through the mountain wall. I should have just emptied my mind, and moved on like that. But I had looked at the mountain, and was thinking: “In my eyes it’s impossible to get through this”.
So a piece of unbelief ensured that I literally ran into it! Therefore the angel came back in order to say: Believe! Follow me, and do the same as I do.

I followed him and this time, indeed, I walked through the mountain wall…
We ended up at a place in the mountain, what seemed like a corridor. On the left and on the right I saw a sort of wall. On the right I saw drawings; perhaps they were also on the left, but I looked to the right. I saw images of giant angels. The drawings were pretty well drawn, I thought. The drawings looked a bit medieval. They seemed to be scratched into the wall with stones.

The images and the giant angels were much larger than the people were.
I saw these angels were bringing sacrifices, what looked like a bull. I saw that they had a kind of knife or sword in their hands, and below this I saw a man pictured, who was slain by the angel. I saw all of those terrible things! I saw a tree, where people were hung.

When we walked deeper into the mountain, I noticed with each step that we descended deeper and deeper…
It stank of soot and fire. On the left and on the right I saw chains with handcuffs, which were fixed in and to the walls.
We went on until we were standing in a large, wide area. I saw something that looked like a stone altar. This was smeared with traces of blood. I saw these traces of blood in many places. It also smelled of rotting flesh.
I saw a large oval hole; I estimate 13 by 16 feet, very large. I went to the edge. I didn’t dare look down, but the angel of God encouraged me, and I saw an enormous depth, with a sea of fire, of lava. An enormous heat and vapor came off of it, which I could feel. The edges of the oval hole were smooth, slippery, and black. I also heard it bubbling and I couldn’t stand the heat very well. I didn’t know what I had to do with it, and thought, ‘Where am I in the mountain? Horrible!’
As I looked further, the angel of God said: Come, we must go back.
We went back through the wall to the outside.

We found ourselves between the two mountains again.
I said, “It seems that the mountain on the left has been against that mountain on the right”.
The angel of God said: That’s right! They had also been stuck together, but now they are apart from each other.

I asked, “What was all that, what I have seen?”
The angel spoke: You know, what I showed you, a man has never been there before! This is a place where the fallen angels have been locked up. Yes, they are now free, said the angel of God.
I got a lump in my throat… “They are free?” I immediately thought of the story of Enoch. And it was true; these were those angels who are now free! I was quite shocked by it.
The angel of God said: Benjamin, I’ll now take you somewhere else.
“If it is not worse than this”, I said aloud. “I have now seen how Christians are in the churches, that they wistfully look at each other.”
The angel nodded like, ‘You got that right’. Come, we have to move on now, spoke the angel of God.

Again we stepped into that bubble… and suddenly I was in a place with nice old little houses which were attached to each other with small, bumpy streets, with small cobbles resembling square cobblestones.
But I saw absolutely no people. I felt such a rest, that I myself became calm too! I enjoyed the sky and palm trees. It all looked so beautiful! I saw the beach and the fishing nets which hung from the boats. The boats were on the beach, dragged ashore.
I saw a box, from which also a kind of net hung out. I asked, “What kind of box is that?”
The angel of God replied: They make fishing nets with that.
We continued walking and it was very beautiful…
In the distance I heard a waterfall. I washed my feet in the water, and saw my bare feet in the clear, but slightly greasy-feeling water. “That seems rather oily, that water”, I said.
The angel of God said: You know, Benjamin, if you would go swimming here, you would then stay afloat. You can’t drown.

We walked further on the beach, and there I saw a rug lying, which had the Star of David like the flag of Israel.
It was a beach mat with fringes; it looked clean and nice. I also saw a basket, although I don’t know what was in it. Unfortunately, it didn’t cross my mind to ask that, probably because of the many impressions, I thought afterwards.
After having a chat, we both stood up, the angel of God first, and then me.
The angel of God said: Beat that mat.
I saw that there was some sand on it, so I beat the mat, while the angel of God was watching.
I laid the mat down again. The angel of God spoke: Just go sit down on it again and remain sitting still. Do not move, and he stretched out his hands.

I felt the mat going up…
The angel of God asked: How does that feel?
I said, “As if I am flying! But it also feels like a waterbed”, because it rippled a bit when I moved.
Then the messenger angel of God let the mat down again. It was only very briefly, but I was allowed to experience how weightlessness feels. It reminded me of the fairy tale with the flying carpet. I had experienced what floating feels like.
We’re going further again, spoke the angel of God.

We went on, and I enjoyed seeing so many beautiful things… the beautiful beach…
And I saw wood, which was used for a fire, but still no people to see. There was a delightful silence. I followed the angel of God away from that place, and asked, “Where exactly am I?”
The angel of God spoke: You know, this was the ancient Israel.
We walked further again, until the angel of God suddenly said: Look back once now!

I looked back and saw people in the distance… it was now populated!
These people seemed to wave goodbye to us, with something in their hands that seemed like palm branches. I found it very special.

Now the angel of God brought me to a place which I recognized from the past; I had been in this place in the Spirit when I was paralyzed.
I got a lump in my throat. In this place I talked a lot with the Lord. My thoughts and consciousness were with the Lord all those years. Afterwards I couldn’t remember what I had said. But I do know that I was in a place where the Lord spoke a lot with me and where I felt an intense love. And I found myself again in this same place, over there! I said to the angel of God, “I will be leaving this place again, won’t I?”
You may go back, said the angel. It was as if the Lord loved to see me back, after all these years. The Lord spoke: Fear not!
After 16 years the Lord placed me back into my body, and totally healed me from paralysis. Yes, everything kept going through my mind… Maybe it was supposed to be and was also intended to be this way.
The angel of God said: You’re going back now.

The Lord said yet: Fear not for what you are going to say; speak boldly about what you have seen.
Share this with others! I am coming soon. Be prepared for My Coming!

Then I was with the angel of God back in the bedroom.
The angel of God asked me whether I was able to step back by myself into the body again. I did try it, but I didn’t know how. Then the angel of God gestured invitingly with an arm and a hand movement, and I turned and I lowered in the right way, slowly back into my body.

God bless you!


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