Poem: Don’t look back so that it can grab you and tear you apart

Published on July 9, 2020 by Faa-iza

Shalom! My name is Faa-iza, one of the warriors of the last days. This is a poem for young and old, which I’d like to share with you.

My soul, my soul, where is your heart that binds you with His touch?
My heart, my heart, how painful you drip tears of blood that flow like a river toward Him.
My body, my body, so weakened by the storm and rain, lying down at His feet.
My thoughts, my thoughts, where are you flying to, with no lights on, searching for the Light?
My spirit, my spirit, dwelling around without guide; come back, come back to Him!
Drink His Blood and eat His Bread, so that you may begin again.
Remember Him in the beginning and at the end, in the pit and on the mountain.
Don’t look back, so it can grab you and tear you apart…