My name is Jeddy, and this testimony of mine is commissioned by the Lord, to let the whole world know how the Lord had transformed me, from darkness into light.
I can describe myself before as a backslider, hypocrite, addict, headstrong, stubborn, evil, taking for granted of my salvation. Until the time when God has enough reason to forsake me, I think the Lord has withdrawn His protection in my life that God gave me over to trials in life.

I got into so much trouble in my younger years and tried so many vices because I thought life is meant to be lived that way — to be enjoyed that way. I thought life is just all about finishing your studies, getting a job, have a family then just die. I had no direction in my life and continued to sin as I pleased without fear of the Lord.

But death was really at the door waiting for me as I enjoyed a sinful lifestyle. What I failed to realize was my final hour — it happened when I was tempted to have a couple of beers with my friends. We ended up getting drunk and as we headed home, I met an accident. By God’s grace, I am here standing before you, who was supposed to be dead but was saved by the Lord and became a totally changed man.

Pastor/Evangelist Jeddy

Evangelical Endtime Machine Ministry