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Nothing can separate us from His power and love!

Dream vision: God shows Benjamin how to pray in the power of His Holy Spirit, and to set free those who are bound, by praying in Jesus’ Name. Benjamin finds himself in another time.

Published on Jun 27, 2012 by Cindy

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Hello, welcome! On June 27th, 2012, Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen received this dream vision. The title of this message is: ‘Nothing can separate us from His power and love!’ Benjamin writes:

The angel of the Lord woke me up and said, Shalom, Benjamin! Come, follow me.
I said, “I’m still half asleep, but I do hear you”.
Along with the angel of God, I walked down the stairs and we went outside. I knew it was the angel Michaël. He said, Benjamin, I bring you to the wild west.
When he said that, I was thinking about ‘Bonanza’ for a moment. Was this a joke?
But once we arrived there, the angel of God said, Fear not, for God is with you, cowboy! I’ll see you again later.
I looked indeed like a cowboy with a white coat without guns. I wanted to ask yet: “What am I doing here anyway?” But the angel of God was already gone again, before I could ask anything.
I was in Texas, because while walking I saw a sign that said ‘Texas’, hanging at an angle.

Then I saw a very little boy, who was sitting outside in front of a saloon.
I saw his tears and asked, “Why are you crying?”
The boy said, “My Daddy drinks a lot, and Daddy’s gonna beat Mommy and me. I’m scared!”
“What’s your name?” I said.
“Bret”, he said, “I am nine years old.”
“What does your Daddy look like?” I asked.
“Daddy has a tear in his trouser near his knees”, the boy told me.
Then I said, “I’ll just talk to him for a minute”.
“Are you Jesus?” the boy asked.
“No”, I said, “Benjamin. But see you later!”

I walked inside and saw the piano, which was being played…
But what smoke there was… horrible! I heard laughter and I heard cursing. And over there I saw six cowboys playing cards at a table, and about eight cowboys and a few women who were sitting at the bar. And they stood there talking and drinking.
Yes, there was the father of the boy… It took some time to find him.
“Sir! Can I talk to you very briefly about your son?” I asked.
“It’s none of your business! Get out!” he said very angrily.

Suddenly the music also had stopped immediately, and I saw the cowboys as I had never seen them before.
I saw that these cowboys had a wild, demonic look. And I talked to the father again: “Your son, he cries for you”.
This father was drunk, and more liquor was handed to him again and again. And he didn’t respond to what I said. But suddenly a woman also offered me a bottle of liquor. I hit the bottle away, and said, “An angel of God brought me here, and what do I find here…”
When I said this, everyone doubled up with laughter! It’s because of what I said, but then I continued speaking to the father of the boy, and said, “Devilish liquor demon, I command you, stop it!” And when I said that, I heard crying around me.

Some people were fleeing from those present, but I spoke further and said,
“I command you in the mighty Name above all names, Jesus Christ, to release this man and let go of him now! I break every bondage and clean everything under the Blood of Jesus Christ! Every spirit of alcohol, drugs, fornication, magic, murder, hatred, blasphemy, and disease, I subject you at His feet, in the power of Jesus Christ. And I tell you, go away now! I declare total change of mind, soul, and body, and deliverance of any negative spirit whatsoever. I cover everything under the Blood of Jesus Christ, for He deserves the honor and the victory, who makes free those who are bound!”

These cowboys suddenly writhed like snakes…
Everyone was lying on the ground, and was changed and touched in Jesus Christ’s Name. Even the smoke was gone! And the alcohol stench had also disappeared. Wonderful to see!

But then suddenly a cowboy in black clothes walked in, raging, and slammed the doors.
He had a twisted and menacing look and attitude. “What have you done?” he shouted angrily, “they belong to me! You’ve ruined everything!” he shouted.
I opened my mouth, and the Lord spoke through me, and said, “I, the Lord God, formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life”.
“I challenge you!” spoke satan, “yes, I challenge you!” he said in his cowboy disguise. And suddenly he pulled his weapons, but I stretched out my right arm and pointed at him, and spoke: “I am armed with God’s armor! Nothing can come through and get through the protection of Jesus Christ! Romans 8, verse 38”.

Then suddenly satan shot three times at me, one after another, and the bullets bounced on my body.
And the bullets fell to the ground. Jesus Christ was more than a conqueror in me!
Satan fled from fear. And the people who were lying there on the floor, they all stood up differently. They had changed! Everyone was free, and the cowboys, they all went outside as friends. I walked after them, because I was curious what they would do now. And I saw them in a shop, all buying a Bible.

And that boy, Bret, who sat there, looked very surprised when Daddy flew into his arms and kissed him!
The boy looked at me and said, “Thank you, Jesus!”
“No, my name is Benjamin”, I said.
“But He is in you, for I see that! That’s why I see Jesus”, he said yet.
“Shalom, cowboys, Shalom!”

The angel Michaël suddenly stood in front of me again.
Benjamin, I’ll bring you back home. Follow me. We flew back and arrived in my street. The angel of God brought me up to the bed, and turned me over and lowered me into my body again.

The angel of God said, He who believes and walks in Jesus Christ, is more than a conqueror!
No mountain is too big, because He is bigger.
Sleep well, cowboy Benjamin! said the angel of God, and I heard a melody in the background… It was the melody of ‘Bonanza’.

1 Chronicles 16, verse 23 

And I heard in the distance these words: You there, always put on God’s armor!



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