Trump’s new advisor, Paula White: ‘God whisperer’

The White House staff has a new face: Paula White-Cain.
Donald Trump leans on her for spiritual support, and she is his guardian angel. “Whoever turns against him turns against God,” says ‘Pastor Paula’.
Paula White-Cain has been advising Donald Trump for more than 17 years. She is his ‘contact with God’. But ‘Pastor Paula’ has been working at the White House for a few weeks now as an official adviser with direct access to the President. She leads the Faith and Opportunity Initiative, a governmental body that assists religious groups in their contacts with the federal government.

The appointment of White, age 53, raises many questions and some criticism in the United States.
The millionaire continues to be enriched with her prosperity gospel, which teaching that God provides prosperity in exchange for donations. And how much influence does it have on political decisions? Will she be the American version of Rasputin in Tsarist Russia or a Greet Hofmans of Queen Juliana in the Netherlands? White is said to have advised the President  about abortion, the crisis in Venezuela, and the move of the American embassy to Jerusalem. “You are making the right decision, sir,” said ‘Pastor Paula’.

Paula White leaves no doubt about it: with her arrival, the White House is ‘holy ground’.
“Because where I walk, God walks,” said the pastor. In her speeches, White says that God instructed her to assist Trump. God wanted him to be President. “In the Name of Jesus, let’s make sure that all the demonic networks that turn against him are broken. I hereby declare that he will survive every attack from hell. He will accomplish his mission.” Unlike Trump, who calls the media and Democrats his greatest enemies, White does not name names.

‘Pastor Paula’ is called Trump’s newest weapon on two fronts.
She must ensure that the conservative Christian following continues to support the President unconditionally in his race for re-election next year. In the meantime, she turns against every ‘devilish attack’ on the President. In addition, the ‘impeachment’ must also pay the price, the deposition procedure that the Democratic opposition has initiated in parliament for abuse of power in the relationship between the US and Ukraine.

Nobody doubts that the blonde, high-heeled guardian angel will make a big impression.
Paula White, born in Tulepo (Mississippi), is mainly hardened by life from her youth. Her father committed suicide. “I was sexually abused between the ages of 6 and 13. I was  trailer trash,” said White, a member of the poor American community who lives in caravans. At the age of 18 she converted to Christianity. She gave birth to a son (Bradley Knight), was divorced twice, and married three times. Her current husband is Jonathan Cain, who had the hit ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ with the band Journey.

With her previous husband, Randy White, she founded her first church, the ‘Without Walls International Church’ in Tampa, Florida.
In 2004 and 2007 she was one of the suspects in an investigation into financial abuse. Hard evidence was not found. All the while she built up wealth with the prosperity gospel (money for the church in exchange for prosperity) and she also distributed books, videos, and CDs. She dismisses criticism because it is about donations, about the charity of believers. Also in 2019 she calls on people to transfer money to her: $ 229 to be precise, a reference to a passage from the Bible about success in the battle with enemies. People who don’t have that money can pay $ 31 (22 + 9). White warns of ‘the consequences from God’ if no money is transferred. Critics, including Richard Panter, who was charged by George W. Bush with ethical issues in the White House, speaks of ‘fraud and deception’.

White met Trump in 2002.
He saw her on TV, found her performance fantastic, and called her. She visited him in New York and after a while bought an apartment on Trump’s Park Avenue. It was the start of a warm relationship. “She is like a daughter to him,” says Johnnie Moore, member of Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board. White said the prayer for Trump when he took the oath in 2017 as President. He calls her ‘a beautiful woman who proclaims an important message’.

Trump, who is a Presbyterian, is not exactly known as a very religious person.
He is being chased by extra-marital relationships, is not Bible-based, and stated he has ‘never asked God for forgiveness’. According to the pastor, Trump is ‘sincere in his faith’. She would bring him closer to God again. In return, ‘Pastor Paula’ is now in the White House, and the ‘conservative evangelism’ that does politics possesses an influential advocate. “We are in a spiritual war,” said Trump’s ‘God whisperer’.



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