You, C.F., are not the Lord, whom I serve as God’s true end-time Prophet

C.F. exposed 


If you plan to build the third temple, this indicates that you have the spirit of the antichrist within you.

I have been in Heaven for 16 years and have never encountered you; figure that out, how is that possible?
Because you are not the Lord, whom I serve as God’s true end-time Prophet.
The only place where you will be is hell, because of your walk and lies and deception and false teaching!
I have also often seen the Lord, and your face does not radiate blessing, but curse.

Furthermore, from now on I no longer react to this tool of satan that will burn in hell, 100%.
I now warn everyone in the ministry, and the one reading this in the Newsletter, among other things.

I know why you are addressing me, because the evil one knows who I really am.
Anyways, I am real!
I am God’s true anointed end-time Prophet of the last days,

Benjamin Cousijnsen



Als u van plan bent de derde tempel te bouwen, geeft dit aan dat u de geest van de antichrist in u hebt.
Bekeer u!!!!

Ik ben 16 jaren in de Hemel geweest en ben u nooit tegengekomen, rara, hoe kan dat?
Omdat u niet de Here bent, die ik dien als Gods ware eindtijdprofeet.
De enige plek, waar u zult zijn, is de hel, vanwege uw wandel en leugens en misleiding en valse leer!
Ook heb ik de Here vaak gezien, en uw gezicht straalt geen zegen uit, maar vloek.

Verder reageer ik vanaf nu niet meer op het werktuig van satan, die in de hel zal branden, 100%.
Ik waarschuw nu iedereen in de ministry, en degene die dit leest in de Newsletter, o.a.

Ik weet waarom u zich tot mij richt, omdat de boze weet wie ik werkelijk ben.
Ik ben ieder geval wel echt!
Ik ben Gods gezalfde ware eindtijdprofeet van de laatste dagen,

Benjamin Cousijnsen


Shalom, I have returned to claim my Throne, build the Third Temple, and save a limited number of souls (which are) alive today from a series of impending disasters. I am Messiah. If you are indeed whom you claim, you have been preparing for My arrival.

I have many instructions from the Creator concerning work which must be completed as soon as possible.  I hold the Keys to immortality and the resurrection. The time is neigh to begin labors of a higher importance.

Does the Holy Spirit testify of My claim?


Archangel Azrael, “Jesus Christ”, and a slew of other names, some of which may surprise you!

Am I (a or the?) Man of your visions?



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