Exposed: The truth revealed about the Coronavirus 666

Hidden messages and predictive programming
The rapid rise of the Coronavirus, COVID-19, came as a surprise to most of us, but at BNN, a Dutch Public Television, they already predicted this pretty accurately many years ago. Even your television is an instrument for manipulating humanity on Earth. You will be amazed, if not perplexed, at the incredible amount of examples in movies and series that can offer you a glimpse into the future. 

In 2004 BNN made a ‘fake’ documentary about what the world would look like in 2020…
One of the predictions was a worldwide virus outbreak, as we are now experiencing. In this episode, pretty much everything matches what we’re going through with the Coronavirus right now! Although there is talk of a form of ‘bird flu’, the consequences on Earth are almost identical to what we see happening at this moment. In this document too, the virus first broke out in China, and then spread to other countries very rapidly. In the episode, people panic, wear mouth masks, and are placed in quarantine. Airports decide to cut flights, major events are cancelled, schools are locked down and people are obliged to stay at home. It is also striking that back then, 16 years ago, it was already said that especially the elderly and people with poor health would become victims. Bizarre similarities, right?

In this predictive documentary, however, it doesn’t end well with the Netherlands. The outbreak in the documentary caused 140,000 deaths, because people would have too few antivirals.

So why would they do this?
It is suggested that by mimicking a change desired by those in power, the resistance to that change can be minimized. People have seen it happen before. It will then be easier for them to accept the change because it has been normalized by the media! To give just one example, people who have watched ‘World War Z’ have not only become accustomed to the fact that deadly pandemics can ‘occur’, but have also been conditioned and manipulated by it to accept a vaccine from the WHO, the World Health Organization, as the so-called only hope for survival. 

Some warnings were silenced!
Now let’s focus on this doctor; he was working at Wuhan Central Hospital. In December of 2019, Li, a 34-year-old doctor, posted a warning about a potential outbreak in a chat group with fellow medics. Shortly afterwards he was summoned by the police; he had to sign a paper in which he was ordered to be silent, or else…! He only had told his friends to warn their loved ones, privately. But within hours screenshots of his messages had gone viral, without his name being blurred. “When I saw them circulating online, I realized that it was out of my control and I would probably be punished,” Li said. He was right. He was one of several medics targeted by police for trying to blow the whistle on the deadly virus in the early weeks of the Corona outbreak. This whistleblower paid for it with his life: he died of the infection later. So we can see again that China has a pretty impressive control structure!

The following is also striking…
The Illuminati have actually spilled the beans, it appears, by mentioning the ‘possible’ numbers last week, which they expected in the Dutch Intensive Cares this week, namely between 500 and 1,000 patients. And yes, after a week this number has indeed been reached!

‘Shadow Cabinet’ of experts
It’s good to know that Prime Minister Mark Rutte sails on a ‘shadow cabinet’ of experts, as he says. The 62-year-old director of the Center for Infectious Disease Control (CIb) within the RIVM, Jaap van Dissel, is the one whom we should ‘hold onto’, according to the Prime Minister. I stress that this director is also a member of the secret elite society of Freemasonry! More information can be found on our website by typing in ‘Freemasonry’ in the Search bar.

Mark Rutte making Illuminati hand sign


Illuminati plot
Behind the ministers, who proclaim the measures in front of the cameras, there is indeed a whole procession of scientists and top officials (read: Illuminati) behind it, who in this Corona crisis rule the country as a kind of ‘shadow cabinet’ with their advice!
D. Trump and B. Obama, among others, are in this plot. ‘What kind of plot?’ you may wonder… Well, I’m going to explain this to you, partly on the basis of some prophetic messages that the Lord, Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ, had conveyed in order to warn and shake the world awake far in advance.

Silent killer who suddenly strikes
We were already informed in the revealing message from the Lord, passed on to Prophet Benjamin that the New World Order and the Illuminati, full of ideas and works of the darkness, want to get rid of the political elections and the Cabinet, because they want to take over everything themselves. And also because of the virus, the world leaders want to switch to digital payment systems, in order to combat the virus, because the viruses and bacteria remain on the paper money and coins for days. This Coronavirus is like a silent killer who suddenly strikes! You can learn more about this in the message, titled: ‘Revelation about the Illuminati and the Coronavirus’.
So we can see that the goal of the Illuminati, and the government leaders who are standing under them, is to get people to switch to digital payment as much as possible, and thus eventually to accept the RFID-chip as meek sheep, because this would then be the ‘safest’ means of payment on Earth, given the situation and global chaos. The Illuminati seize every possible means for it, yes, even a worldwide virus outbreak, whether you believe this or not.

Now open your eyes!
Didn’t Prophet Benjamin speak about the fact that the money will disappear? Obama has called up the fallen angels to revolt and to take money away, by means of blowing up banks and ATMs, and via computers, so that one will only have confidence in the chip under the skin. And this is therefore the established plan of the antichrist! You can read this back in another message from God brought into the world, titled: ‘All that God passed on to His true Prophet, happened!’
And what about the meeting between Donald Trump and Pope Francis, in which they talked in secret about an extreme global world population extermination! Yes, you heard it right. This also has to do with the goal of wanting to change the climate. It was already revealed to you in 2017, in God’s revelation: ‘Pope Francis discussed the global world population extermination with Donald Trump!’ And now in 2020, the extermination of mankind is still their goal. Most of us know about the inscriptions on the Georgia Guidestones: ‘Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature’. Wake up! This monument is representing the godless Freemasons, Illuminati, Vatican, and New World Order! Their god is not the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, YHWH, in Hebrew: Yeshua HaMashiach, but satan, the old serpent, the dragon. Think once of all the dragon worship in China, there where the Coronavirus outbreak started!

Now why started the virus outbreak first in China, in December 2019, just like the SARS virus started in China at a food market?
This isn’t a new phenomenon for China; in 2003, the SARS virus also emerged there, and under similar circumstances, before spreading around the world and killing nearly 800.
Both SARS and COVID-19 are in the ‘Coronavirus’ family, and both appear to have emerged from animals in China’s notorious wildlife markets. The Coronavirus started on a wet market, an animal market, in the city of Wuhan, where they slaughter all sorts of animals, even wildlife, for sale. You must know that the Chinese government made it legal for their people to live from all kinds of wildlife; think thereby of the craziest kinds of animals for food, such as snakes, bats, turtles, mice, and many more! A lot of viruses that make us sick actually originate in animals. And that’s how the virus could easily jump from one animal to another on this very market, and also because of the fact that the conditions in a wet market are excellent for spreading! Scientists knew this already! If that virus comes into contact with humans or are consumed by a human, the virus could potentially infect them. And if the virus then spreads to other humans, it causes an outbreak. Please listen further…

Wednesday this week, the Lord started to reveal more about the Coronavirus to Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen…
Namely, behind the Corona are the Illuminati, among others. They are the ones that have made steps, by infecting the animals on purpose, such as bats. Benjamin reminded me of the fact that the Illuminati are out to exterminate mankind; this is their goal! And the Coronavirus is their ultimate weapon in order to reach this goal. In other words, they like to see far fewer people on Earth, and the elderly in particular are a thorn in their flesh because of the high healthcare costs. The elderly are also easier to persuade, and the sick elderly will be told: “Why not a syringe?” Let me just bring to your attention a revealing message about this:

The suicide-offer attack from satan
Friendly nursing care is already offering you suicide because of the pain and old age, the quick solution! And the doctors too have no problem with it, because one already thinks like this: ‘Encouraging suicide makes place for fewer sick people’ and: ‘no higher expenses’. The medical world doesn’t waste any time and doesn’t see suicide as murder. Verily, satan is trying to entrap people! So far this message from the Lord.

The Illuminati are out for a new generation of humanity
We move on with the revelations that the Lord passed on this week to His true, simple Prophet: It may be shocking to many, but the Illuminati are after a new generation of humanity!
Since October 9, 2012, Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen has revealed the developments, commissioned by Yeshua HaMashiach, YHWH, Jesus Christ. And it has also been revealed to you who is behind these terrifying developments. There are robots that even want to give an elderly person a helping hand in order to make way for the new generation! Verily, when you type in the word robot in the Search bar of our website, then you will hear more things that go far beyond your understanding!
Yes, you heard it right: robots that help with ending your life! However, there are few people who still care for the elderly. You should also definitely listen to this message, titled: ‘Bionics Cybernetics, a fallen angel technology with the aim to replace the human being!’ 

The Illuminati, Prophet Benjamin continues, want to implement the RFID-chip,
and make handy use of the excuse that too many ATMs are being blown up. This blowing up will also become more violent! According to them, shutting them down would then be safer. Also, the violence through the spread of the virus will actually increase, and not decrease, Prophet Benjamin warned, making it easier for the Illuminati to promote the RFID-chip. They are also out for a kind of war, in order to spread panic, so that people start hoarding more. In this way, even more people will infect each other, and that’s exactly what the Illuminati want! Also think of the growth in the number of suicides and divorces which will take place, which is another aim of the evil one.

When the worst is over…
The following may be too shocking, or even unbelievable, for some. Yet, the Lord Yeshua HaMashiach revealed that when the worst is over in terms of the virus, the Illuminati will only then come up with the medication that they already have in their possession, – don’t be shocked – for a long time. However, they first wait until the largest desired number of people has been eliminated! Again, you heard well! Upon which, of course, scholars and presidents will be received as ‘heroes’, because they ‘just’ found the vaccine or medication they supposedly worked so hard on! It’s one great Illuminati plot, and scholars, presidents, kings, etc., all work together in this. They want total control!

This is well thought out!
The word Corona comes from the Latin word for crown.
It is also striking that the same Latin word Corona stands for garland: an offering to gods and to the dead, among others.
In Ancient Greek, the word Corona means: to bend, to turn.
And in Hebrew, the word Corona expresses three meanings:

  • radiating light; think of satan masquerading as an angel of light, and:
  • horn; think of the horns of satan, and:
  • radiating power

Remarkable is that the Coronavirus has a series of crown-like spikes or horns on its surface, which is also a reason for the name

Coronavirus killer toy
What I am about to show you is so unbelievable, that your mind will immediately reject it. Yet, the information is 100% true and taken from Johns Hopkins own website. Let me take you back to the evening of October 18, 2019, to a gathering entitled, ‘Event 201’, something Johns Hopkins calls a ‘global pandemic exercise’. Of course, it was an invitation to the global elite only and held behind closed doors. To everyone who attended, they were given this cute and cuddly COVID-19 toy, a plush toy out of a killer virus! Note that all this was shortly before the virus infection had even begun! A few months later many thousands would be dead…

Now can you imagine what kind of sick-minded people could come up with a Coronavirus stuffed toy? Welcome to the New World Order!
The fact that Illuminati member Bill Gates was a host of this event doesn’t surprise us at all. Wake up, people, and take a look at what’s going on here!

I’ll read to you now some other interesting news headlines in order to open your eyes:
*Microsoft Founder Bill Gates And His Insane Quest To Sterilize And Depopulate The World Through Eugenics Revealed
**Bill Gates and Eugenics: The World Needs Fewer People
***Bill Gates Praises UK Socialism Says, Obama ‘Should Have More Power’
****Big Pharma And Bill Gates Are Teaming Up In Something Called The ‘ID2020 Alliance’ That Will Combine Vaccinations With Implantable Microchips To Create Your Digital ID

The Coronavirus was already present in the 19th century
It is from a big family of viruses that started as a flu, but this one, the COVID-19 is the worst of all the Coronaviruses, and even worse than SARS and MERS were.
Do you know that the fallen angels also ate wild animals, like some Chinese and Filipinos nowadays do?
In Brabant, in the Netherlands, the virus was spread most during the Carnival parades.
Fortunately and also striking is the fact that the virus is not so harmful to little children. But that does not mean it can’t affect them. In China, the Coronavirus has claimed the lives of a 10-month-old and a 14-year-old already.

YouTube and other Media are being manipulated
You must know that Christian news, videos, and websites are being manipulated in the media more and more by the Illuminati, by Google and YouTube, among others. Also, Christians are often depicted as crazy and completely nuts, or as nerds. Well, this is not true, but a lie produced by the father of lies, satan.

There is only one way out to be virus free
Do not fear any disaster or virus, but fear not being protected with Yeshua HaMashiach, YHWH, Jesus Christ, and perishing forever! He is the only Way, the Truth, and the Life.
Finally I would like to warn you for the following:

Don’t take the Mark of the beast, 666, the RFID-chip!
Revelation 13, verse 17  and that no one would be able to buy or to sell, unless he has that mark, the name of the beast or the number of his name.


6 Letters (Corona) + 66 = 666

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