The demonic influence on young people in America

Good Morning Marion, Prophet Benjamin, and Prophetess Theresa,

We received the request to send a video whenever possible. I would like to make a few comments about today’s Newsletter (November 11, 2017).

My husband and I are both public school teachers. I teach at a small school considered very “good” in its parental participation. My husband teaches at a much larger high school nearby. The demonic influence on young people in America, and I know the world, cannot be expressed easily through my own weak attempt.

I teach 11 year old children and some are depressed, cutting themselves, playing with Ouija boards, watching violent videos, and expressing interest in the same sex on a scale I have not seen before. Many schools are encouraging LGBT groups to form. Our youth are under constant attack and the churches seem powerless to do anything to stop it. Halloween is behind us, but here in America, the churches are the biggest promoters of this demonic activity, and we are seeing more participate every year!

When our children were younger, my husband and I took part in Halloween. If we had searched the scriptures the way we should have, we would have known God’s heart on this matter! We cannot blame anyone else but ourselves for our children wanting to participate, despite our warnings to them.  But, we believe in the power of prayer and that God can and will open spiritual eyes and ears and change people.

Thank you Lord that You love us despite our many failures!

And thank you all at Evangelicalendtimemachine for being obedient to the Lord’s calling.




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