Heiscoming12 Commentary

Message for the lukewarm Christian in the USA

Published on May 11, 2014 by VictoryInJesus

Message for the lukewarm Christian in AMERICA (Babylon)

Stop mingling in the world – Open your eyes and see that we are already in the tribulation and soon the Rapture will take place.
Be ready and do not let yourself be tricked by wicked deceivers.

Then and also today, the Lord Jesus Christ who bears in Hebrew the name Yeshua HaMasiach speaks to humanity, in order to warn them for what is going to take place! That is why He chose his simple beloved prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen, who receives God’s messages, prophecies and revelations since early 2012, brought on by messenger angels of God. Word for word and in the presence of an angel of the Lord, these messages of love, admonition and warning are written down, and then shared through the Internet.

It is amazing how our Father in Heaven warns us in these last days and prepares the Return of His Son, through his true end time prophet, Benjamin Cousijnsen. He promised to bring all the hidden to light and that is what he has done. Many prophecies; that Benjamin was allowed to pass on, are already in full swing.

The workers of the last days, appointed by the Lord God himself, have done a mighty work in translating these messages into English, Deutsch, Spanish, Indonesian, and Filipino. All thanks and praise to Him who made all this possible!

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