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Is your passport your entry ticket?

April 3, 2012  Many people, even Christians, think they can just earn Heaven by their good deeds which they have done. God makes this clear to Benjamin among others.

Published on April 3, 2012 by Cindy & My Shalom

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Shalom! On April 3rd, 2012, Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen received a visit from a beautiful angel of God. Prophet Benjamin writes the following,

This is my vision…
The clothes, the collar of the angel was embedded with gold, and the sleeves and the belt were also of gold. His belt was worked up with images, with a Star of David and a crown and wings, etc. among others. There were also strange texts on it.
The angel of God said, Benjamin, do you have a passport?
I did not know what I heard, and I said, “In bed I have no passport, it’s downstairs in the drawer”.
You know, said the angel, pass on everything, what God speaks to you, servant of the most high God.

I tell you this: The passport must be signed with the Blood of the Lamb.
Many children of God have a passport, and have collected many stamps, and think they can so enter God’s Kingdom, because they think: ‘So I will get there’. They will beat their breast when they perceive that their passport has expired with God, and has no stamp with the Blood of the Lamb. Because they are still bound, Benjamin, in their sins, which they have tucked away, and just go ahead with it, as if it were something from God. The angel of the Lord also said, Look once! And suddenly I and the angel stood on the street outside my home.

I saw a passport in the hand of the angel of God…
Benjamin, look once in it, said the angel of God. I looked inside of it and saw a passport photo, but not an ordinary one. It changed each time… it seemed like a digital photo frame. I saw the passport photos changing as fast as lightning, with different faces, which I saw flashing by.
Then suddenly, the angel of God slammed this passport shut, as if he wanted to say, “That’s enough!” The angel of God said, He who does not want to hear God, will perish.

Then I saw this passport suddenly catch on fire in his hand, and saw it turn to ashes.
The angel of God said, This is clearly enough!
Suddenly I sat on a royal chair of gold, which looked beautiful. The chair was just in the airspace, and I saw our globe beneath me. I saw one of the clouds… There I saw a face. Listen, look! said the angel…
I already heard talking in the background, but I did not understand it. And when the angel said, Listen to this voice, then this voice became clear and understandable.

The angel of God said, The Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, speaks.
Benjamin said, “Yes, I heard it, that Jesus Christ spoke! And it became my language. First I heard an unknown language, and He said, ‘Have I not come to serve you? And was My suffering not enough for you? Was My love not enough? Did I not bring to you reconciliation and forgiveness?’ ”

While Jesus spoke, I felt grieved, but Jesus spoke further…
“I do not want you to perish! Sin separates you from Me. I weep for you, whom I love. Many are children of God, but I weep because of your deeds. Your deeds are not enough, repent anyway! The Spirit is free, there is no bondage. Bring everything to Me, and do not say, ‘I cannot do it’. I give you strength, I fulfill your heart! Let your body be clean and be covered with My precious Blood. Lay your whole life in My hands. Serve no gods, nor angels, but serve only Me and obey Me. I am the only Way. Had I not brought salvation and total redemption on the cross? Cleanse yourself from all sin and do not play a game, because I see you, and I know you. Repent, and have fellowship with Me, and I will cover your passport with My precious Blood.”

Has your passport been signed?
Then you’ll enter!

Benjamin, the King of kings, Jesus Christ, spoke this message, said the angel of God.
Did you also see His tears?
When the angel spoke these words, I became sorrowful and also moved.
The angel of God brought me back again. Also, he said yet, Benjamin, Jesus Christ doesn’t want anyone to perish. You either hear it, or will perish! When someone follows Him and obeys and repents, he will be saved.
Time is short! Now they still can, before the clock has stopped ticking.
Benjamin, sleep well, I will give you spiritual rest for the new day. Bye Benjamin!


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