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‘I also want to see an angel’ (Gospel)

You all want to see an angel, right? said the angel of God to Benjamin in the night of June 5, 2012. The angel passes on an important message. That which is sin, is appointed by the angel of God!

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Shalom, welcome! On June 5th, 2012, Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen received a message from the angel of God, that I may pass on to you. Every word, what I’m saying, has been given by the angel of God. Benjamin writes,

The angel of God spoke: Shalom! I see, I see, what you don’t see…
“What does one see then?”
It is full of God’s glory and is 7 feet 10 inches tall, and it brings God’s words. Each word, spoke the angel, has been given to me, either good news or bad news.

You there, I tell you, you also want to see an angel, of course, just like Benjamin.
You desire so much, you are full of desires! You want so much, but God sent His Son in order to save you. The punishment that you deserved, He took upon himself. You did not deserve to live, because of all your sins. But you know, you had made God so sad, because of all your sins, such as adultery, fornication, murder and hatred, idolatry and so on. You do know yourself also, with which you make God sad, and what God does not accept. As you also sought intercourse, which He also does not accept! God created man, the man and the woman, and not Adam and Adam or Eve and Eve. God has not intended it like that! Therefore you have to bear that disease. Yes, you there, you have chosen yourself for that which is against natural, and then you’ll have to bear the consequences also.

You all want to see an angel, right?
Not for much longer, and you will come and stand before God and His angels. Let this be enough, and He will also show your hidden sins before His Son, Jesus Christ, and the angels, and also your bondage, which you could not give up, because one chose this above Jesus Christ, spoke the angel of God.

I tell you, But there is hope!
Yeshua HaMashiach, also called Jesus Christ: He came, and didn’t want you to perish. His Father loved you so much! Yes, God is love, that He sent His Son, in order to save you from the lake of fire and hell, where one is beaten on your body, and where one hears gnashing of teeth. And where one feels the heat, which is unbearable. Where one doesn’t get to drink water also, but there you’ll experience pain, when you get there in hell, where the worms are as large as serpents, and crawl through you. This is now hell, that Jesus Christ really wants to save you from!

Do you understand that, that Jesus Christ has been sent?
Yes, He went, and He came in order to save you! Jesus Christ came, and God sent His only beloved Son, who renounced His Kingdom, in order to save you there, who didn’t want to listen. He went to the cross for you, and the inhuman practices: He bore those on the cross in your place. Actually you deserved that punishment, but He bore it. That was now unconditional love. He loved you so much, with His unconditional love, I say again. It was He, the King of kings, who did this for you, and who conquered death on the cross, and He went right through death and defeated satan in hell!

Do you still want to see an angel, I ask you? said the angel of God.
Was this not enough, that Jesus Christ made the access free, in order to come to Him?
God loves you. Jesus is the Conqueror. He bore everything in your place. Set yourself straight and repent now to Jesus Christ! Because He wants to save you. The fire is already reaching more than half of hell with you. And Jesus wants to extinguish all your sins, and your fire that you yourself have caused, that is what Jesus Christ just wants to extinguish with you.

Also this yet, I tell you, Come to Me! That is what Jesus Christ says.
I tell you, Come to Jesus Christ, because He calls you by your name! Jesus was seen more as a curse, but is the Light of the world. Make now your choice, for He is coming, and He will also proclaim to you the full truth in God’s light. Now it still can! Make now the choice, for otherwise He will make His choice. If God sends an angel, then it is also that sin comes to light. And you know, when an angel of God shows himself, and there is sin in you, then you will drop dead, so mighty is God! But God has so much love, that He sends His angels, and that His angels also adapt themselves, in order not to let you die, but just to protect you and to shake you awake for the dangers, when you have accepted Jesus Christ into your life.

Therefore I tell you, if you don’t walk with Him, and you have rejected Him, then there are angels – they call themselves also fallen angels – who masquerade as angels of light, in order to withdraw you more and more from God, until you commit suicide.
They go that far! Everything outside God and without Jesus Christ’s knowledge, is not of God, the angel spoke. Only Jesus Christ is your salvation for redemption and deliverance! There is no other way, for He is the Way and the Truth and the Life. And if you accept Him and give Him your sins, with all your heart, then He will forgive you, and secure you in His safe hands.

Benjamin, I spoke this to you in Brabant…

And Sebastian, I say, The Lord has seen you, and I have always been with you.
Keep seeking the things that are above. Everyone wants to see an angel! I tell you, I speak further: God’s messenger angel speaks to you, but I also tell you, the most important thing is: to accept Jesus Christ into your life.

I give you the following Scripture: Matthew 6, verse 22 and 23

The angel of God gave this Bible scripture, and it’s a good thing, whether you do have a Bible or not, it is just very important to have a Bible. Because if you have a Bible, you will be able to read these words yourself also. And let it then also penetrate into your heart. The angel of God spoke further,

Benjamin, I give you everything as clearly as possible, so that everyone who believes in Him will be saved.


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