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God speaks about His end-time Prophet

God says He has appointed Prophets, in the past and even today, and also calls up the church, in order to appoint Prophets in these last days.

Published on May 24, 2012 by Jemuel Piloton

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Hello, welcome! These prophetic words were given to Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen by the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, on May 23rd, 2012.

Benjamin, not everyone takes My words seriously.

Ephesians 4, verse 11 to 13

Have I not appointed the Prophets?
Why don’t you believe? There is a Prophet speaking among you, through whom I speak!

Numbers 12, verse 6

You think that I have not chosen this simple Prophet?
I tell you this:

Exodus 23, verse 8

Yes, I have precisely chosen him!
He listens much better and he doesn’t look at your past. That’s precisely what you are doing! You say: “Benjamin is a Prophet?” You are judging My servant, whom I love very much.

Isaiah 42, verse 16, spoke the Lord…

You love to judge.
You know, you want miracles, but I tell you this:

Mark 16, verse 14

Don’t judge; look at yourself! 

John 8, verse 16, spoke the Lord…

If you condemn the Prophets of God, I will judge and condemn you!  

John 7, verse 24

Every word, every text, comes from Me, in order to confirm to you.
Whoever receives a Prophet, receives Me. Whoever refuses him and doesn’t believe him, refuses Me and doesn’t believe Me.

2 Timothy 4, verse 3 to 5

The end-time Prophets are here, in order to shake you awake!
I spoke to many, even in dreams and visions. Then, but also today I speak! The Prophets have also never left. Like I spoke to Paul and the congregation, I speak to you. Appoint Prophets in your church in these last days!

Ephesians 4, verse 21

Fear not for losing human souls!

1 Timothy 6, verse 10, the Lord spoke…
Finally I tell you this:

1 John 2, verse 6 to 10 and 11
If you also believe now, I tell you this:

1 John 4, verse 10 and 12

Benjamin, many churches are afraid of losing souls.
Mammon, the money, means more to them than I, Jesus Christ. Their church is large, and the church is brimming. But why? Because they give honey. They get what they like to hear. They are even hugged to death, if only they join this rapidly growing church!

Joop was a pastor and believed that God’s Prophets only existed in former times…
Joop was old and would soon be with Jesus Christ. He did not know a short time: he had become 92 years old. Then, in his vision, he saw a Prophet of God before he died. The Prophet showed him that he once had someone, a guest speaker, put out, because he lashed out at his members. It was a Prophet of God! Joop had interrupted him, just like that, and how uncomfortable Joop was, when that Prophet said:

“You have not thrown me out, but also Jesus Christ”.
Joop didn’t want to lose churchgoers. Revenues were very important. The Prophet of God was right; within one year this church had been broken down. God intervened! After this vision Joop was ashamed, and went on his knees and took his last breath… Let this be a lesson! said Jesus Christ.

Benjamin, others always know it better.
I speak to you, and hope that they will listen to you and respond to it. For I am not speaking to you, Benjamin, for fun. They have to take My words, which I spoke to you, seriously!



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