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Feb 15, 2012 The runaway sheep

A dream vision of Benjamin Cousijnsen: The runaway sheep and the good Shepherd.

Published on Apr 17, 2013 by Heiscoming12

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Hello, welcome! This dream vision was given to Benjamin Cousijnsen on February 15th, 2012. Benjamin writes,

While I was asleep I saw an angel beside my bed…
He said, Benjamin, will you come with me?
I said to the angel, “I’m so tired.”
And the angel said, Yes, you’re tired, but today I have something very special. The angel made me curious, and suddenly, when the angel swung his hand, I was actually in a very large hall. I saw all seats, and the angel said, Here, Benjamin, put this on.
I thought, ‘What does he have there?’ He gave me some kind of glasses, and I looked closely around me and saw indeed, that I was in the cinema. It was a very big cinema.
I thought it was a strange place, ‘What do I do in the cinema? What kind of movies will they get to play?’ I thought.
The angel said, Yes, keep these glasses on. And I saw that the angel himself put on these glasses also.

Then we watched a movie, and I saw a shepherd in that movie…
It was a cheerful shepherd. He had a very big flock of sheep and he sang for the sheep. He went there sitting on a kind of stone, and when he was singing, the sheep remained quiet around him.
What also caught my eyes, as the shepherd was singing, I saw a kind of haze in the background near those sheep, as if it protected the sheep. It looked like shapes of angels, who protected the sheep.
In the movie the shepherd said toward the hall, where the people were sitting in the cinema, and where I was with the angel: “These sheep all have a name. I know them all by name, and they know me also.” He said, “I’ve once had, where a sheep ran away, and when I started singing, then that sheep could find me back.” The shepherd looked very glad, and he looked so proud at those sheep! He said very proudly, “These are my sheep, which I love very, very much.” He said, “I have often put my life on the line for these sheep. Because very occasionally there is also a sheep, that wants to go his own way.”

Later, the shepherd walked on again, and the sheep followed him like a group behind him.
He didn’t even look back; the sheep followed him. I saw what seemed like a mountain, where they went on the edge. And there weren’t any sheep that fell off the edge of the mountain. They just knew, how they should walk that route, while there was also a kind of side road. They could also have taken the other direction, but it was just like they knew: We must follow the shepherd.

And the shepherd walked…
And I saw, when he was walking like that, across the stone surface – I saw rocks, stones… – it all looked very rough. And as he walked, he walked across what seemed like a kind of land, with trees in the background. I saw grass, but the grass didn’t really look green, but he walked on with those sheep.
Then he remained there at a spot, and I saw that this shepherd had been there more than once. Because I saw there was also an open area, with stones, where the shepherd sat down again.

And when the shepherd sat there, he told a little story to the sheep.
I saw this, and I watched the movie. I thought, ‘Yes, he’s going to tell a story to the sheep… Will they understand it?’ And as I thought this, I looked a bit to my left, whether the angel was still sitting next to me in the cinema. And I could see his face… he had a gleam in his face, and I saw a smile. And with his face he did like this: ‘Keep watching’. Then I continued to watch.
I do not know exactly what that shepherd told the sheep, but I noticed that these sheep were calmed down by it. And they even liked to hear it.

Then the shepherd went on, singing, and it was as if that flock was dancing, that’s what it looked like.
It looked cheerful! And when the shepherd began to sing, you could feel a kind of holy atmosphere. It was as if in the place, where he sang or where he walked, or where he was, that there was such a presence of God’s sanctuary, that you had to go with him, and be obedient to follow him.

Then the shepherd brought the sheep into a field, and I saw a sort of fence.
Usually, a fence is made of wood or of bars, those sorts of things, but it seemed that those fences were of gold. There was such a shine on it, that I thought, ‘It looks like gold’.
And the shepherd opened that fence and made a gesture, and then all the sheep breached that fence. While this happened, that the shepherd opened the fence, and the sheep went inside, he began to count the sheep. He looked around, and saw that the sheep were all inside.

Then I saw that the shepherd spoke to that haze, what I saw around those sheep, which are shapes of angels, and he thanked them.
And when he thanked them, they were gone also. The angels were gone…
The shepherd shut the fence. And I saw that the grass was such a beautiful green, and the sheep were grazing there. And while the sheep were grazing there, they were later fed. And the shepherd watched the sheep from a distance. He kept watching and enjoying, how the sheep were full of the food. And after they were filled, the shepherd opened that gate on the other side.

When that gate opened, I saw that they went into a kind of stable, a kind of little house.
I didn’t even notice it before, but I saw that those sheep went into a kind of stable; they all walked inside. And there they were brushed. I saw all shepherds standing there, it seemed. It was a whole group of men and also women, female shepherds, I saw. And they were all busy taking care of those sheep. They were scrubbing and cleaning, and then suddenly the shepherd said, “I miss a sheep.” And he called a name, ‘Nataël’, or something like that. When he said the name of that sheep, the shepherd said, “Take good care of these sheep, I’m going to look for that sheep!”

And when he walked out of the stable, he actually followed the trail…
As I was watching, that the shepherd went back in search of that one sheep, I thought to myself, ‘How can that be? The angels have actually protected all the sheep against dangers… the sheep knew the voice of the shepherd, they followed the shepherd… How can this be, that one sheep is lost anyway?’ Actually I didn’t understand it, but I continued to watch; I didn’t give any comment.

While the shepherd was searching, he met another shepherd, who had no sheep.
He was talking, and he gave the description of that sheep, that was called Nataël. And that shepherd said, “And where do you have those other sheep then?”
“Yes, those are safe.”
“But then you do not go away from those other sheep, do you?”
He said, “All sheep mean a lot to me, and I do not want one to perish!”
I saw sadness in the eyes of the shepherd. And what struck me was, that joy, I didn’t see that anymore actually, as if he was so concerned that he also couldn’t sing anymore, as it were. He missed that one sheep so much, and he gave the description of that sheep. But the other shepherd had not seen it.

Then he walked away, and came to a place where he actually had to go through completely.
It was mostly stone and sand, and I saw here and there some greenery and trees. It all looked dry. And he walked and he walked, and he was just searching… And each time he called the name of that sheep.
I said very gently to the angel next to me, “Yes, where is that sheep then? He’s out searching…” I also thought to myself, ‘What a stubborn sheep, how could he do that?’ Yes, while he actually felt he was protected, and that the presence of the Lord God was there also, as the shepherd began to sing.
‘How can you go away now from there?’ I thought to myself. Anyway, that sheep, Nataël, had done that!

Then suddenly that shepherd heard a noise… and he kept standing there near that abyss.
And then he heard, “Bèèèèèèè”. It really was the sound of a sheep!
And then he had to go down that rock! And very gently, without ropes or protection, he actually risked his life, as it were, and he lowered himself very carefully. Sometimes he slipped very slightly, and then he grappled again at the rock.

And… yes, over there, near that branch, or more of a tree stump, there the sheep was!
He picked up the sheep, and he kept it well in his hands. He held it tightly and then he began to sing. While he was singing, suddenly a kind of rope fell downwards. Where had that come from…? I saw no one at all, but there was a rope… He tied the rope around his waist and the sheep, and he pulled himself upwards.
When he reached the top, what struck me was, no one was there, absolutely no one! When he got back up, he looked at the sheep, and I thought, ‘Yes, he finally has that sheep back’.

But you know what he said? “You’re a very different sheep, you are not the same sheep, that I’m actually looking for, but you also belong here, you may also be here.”
And he put (or tied) the rope around that sheep, because he still had to learn to obey. It was still a very young sheep. And he spoke to it and said, “Follow me, come on, I’ll take care of you. Listen carefully to my voice, so you get to know me.” And he walked on.

And when he walked on, and kept looking for the other sheep, he saw a little sheep over there, lying in a kind of a meadow…
That was Nataël. The shepherd sat down there, and I saw that he was not singing, and was silent and down. What had happened?
I couldn’t really see that it was a sheep. I saw lots of blood…
He was so sad! He consoled himself with that one new sheep, and he said to the sheep, “He has let himself be torn to pieces by the wolves,” and he was quite depressed by it. He said, “Yes, I loved it, I loved it so much, but this sheep has gone its own way, it has not listened to my voice anymore and has perished”. And depressed, he walked on with that new sheep. The sheep had no name, but it followed him on the rope.

And he came back to that kind of stable, depressed.
Then I felt such an intense grief of all those shepherds, of those men and women. And I felt such a grief, as if they all wept; I could feel the sorrow. But meanwhile they were yet so worried about that one sheep, that had been torn apart by wolves.
When I saw it all, the shepherd said suddenly, “There are also many other sheep like this, that are not of my flock. I love them so, and I don’t want them to perish. And many have heard my voice, but they have not listened. They have gone their own way, while they have heard of me so much. They have so often heard my voice, but they have now gone astray. And I’m very sad about that, but I keep calling, and I hope they’ll come now.”

While I heard and saw it all, the angel next to me said, Take off the glasses now.
I took the glasses off, and I had seen it all so lifelike! I said to the angel, “Why did I put these glasses on then?”
Then the angel said to me, There’s a wise lesson behind that!
And I said, “Which wise lesson then?”

You know, Benjamin, thus there are many Christians who do not even see it, that the Lord speaks to them.
They are blinded by the world, they are blinded by events, they are blinded by their marriage, and they are blinded by a lot of things! said the angel, and therefore these glasses. Because they do not see with spiritual eyes anymore, because they are busy in their daily lives.
Then I said, “Am I that way too, because I had to put on these glasses?”
And the angel said, No, but you were allowed to see it. Also, because you had to put on these glasses, it will also open the eyes of many others, that they should put on their spiritual glasses, and have to face these things. And that’s why I’m showing you all this, and I share all this with you, so that you can pass on this message to the world. Share it!
And I nodded and said, “I’ll do it.”
Then the angel said, Was this not special?
I nodded, “Yes, this was very special,” and then the angel brought me back again.
He waved his hand in the cinema, and I wondered whether those people who were all there: perhaps they were also Christians and many other people, who were blind, if they were allowed to look through spiritual glasses.

But the angel waved his hand, and then we were right back in my bedroom.
He said, Just go and lie down.
I looked at my bed… Usually, when the Lord picks me up, my body remains behind, and I go along with him. But this time I saw that my body was no longer lying there, and I was shocked. I said to the angel, “I’ve had more dreams, but now my body is gone”.
Then the angel said, Do you worry about your body?
I said, “Yes, where do I get in?”
And the angel said, Just go into your bed, it’s going to be fine!
Then I went into bed. The strange thing was that I couldn’t even feel the blankets, or the bed. But I lay down, and then the angel said, Benjamin, Benjamin, don’t worry so much. And then he looked at me, and he turned and said, See you next time! and then he left.
I fell asleep again… a certain sleep came over me, but also a rest, and then I slept on again. And this was my dream.

SHALOM! God bless


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