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Doubting Thomas!

God gives this lesson to the listeners, based on a true story: Having faith without having seen Jesus, is real faith!

Published on Mar 18, 2014 by The Lamb Is Worthy

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Shalom, hello! On May 13th, 2012, Benjamin Cousijnsen received a vision from the Lord, that he would like to share with you. Benjamin writes,

Shalom, Benjamin! Are you ready for it?
“Really?” I asked, “are we going home?”
Almost, Benjamin, said the angel.

Many can only believe in Yeshua HaMashiach, that He, Yeshua, also called Jesus Christ – once crucified and buried – is risen from the dead again!
They are like Thomas, they will not believe until they see Him, Benjamin, said the angel. They want to really believe, only if they have put their finger on the scars of the nails, just like Thomas. They do not even believe that He exists!
People, Jesus Christ is risen! said the angel. Examine God’s word!
Benjamin, what are you doing?
I came out of my bed… “I thought you would take me along,” I said. “You just said: ‘Are you ready for it?’”
That’s right! said the angel, For listening, servant of the Most High, you stay in your bed and just listen further.

After three days He rose from the dead; his tomb was empty.
Jesus Christ appeared each time, and spoke to many. A week after dying, the disciples were together again. This time Thomas was also there. And Jesus said: Shalom, I wish you peace! So there He was, and showed that He is alive.
Benjamin, said the angel, Jesus said: Thomas, give Me your finger and feel the holes in My hand. Jesus Christ said: Be not faithless, I am alive! Believe this! I am alive, you must believe this!
Finally Thomas said, “You are my Lord and my God!”
Benjamin, said the angel, Jesus also said yet: Thomas, you believe now, because you have seen Me now, but those who believe without having seen Me, Jesus said, will be blessed. Being blessed and happy are those who believe, without having seen Me, John 20.
I tell you, try to understand this, spoke the angel of God. You too must believe without seeing Him.

Jesus, He has returned, and He is alive!

Benjamin, a child, whose name was also Thomas, once had a friend, who also believed in Jesus.
They played together and were playing with marbles. Today, you don’t see this anymore. The boy heard his friend cursing, and said: “Do you realize what you’re saying? You’re cursing yourself!” That is what David said to Thomas. Then this Thomas also said: “I don’t believe that God exists! How do I know that He exists?”
David said, “Look around you! Did God not make the earth?”
“Stop it!” said Thomas, “I want proof!”
David said, “I do not see Jesus also, but I believe in Him and know that He is there.”
“Oh, yeah?” said Thomas.
“Yes, don’t you feel the wind?”
“Yes,” said Thomas.
“Do you see the wind that is blowing against us?”
“No,” said Thomas.
“And yet the wind is there. Thomas, Jesus Christ is there. He wants to be in everyone’s life. The wind cannot be seen, but you do feel it. So it is also with Jesus Christ.”

Benjamin, if people examine God’s word, a whole new world opens up for them, because God’s word is true.
This still happens.
In Asia, they must repent, and perhaps you, who have accepted Jesus Christ.
The time is near! Jesus is coming, and it won’t last much longer. And then the scars will not be visible anymore. He will not show His scars. He will come very soon. Those who believe in Him, He will also bring home.

Repent! And Israel, get ready! World, get ready!
He who doesn’t listen to this message, and doesn’t accept it, will perish. Jesus Christ is the only Way and the Truth and the Life. He who believes in Him shall be saved! Today Jesus Christ calls you by name and says: Come!
Benjamin, speak this, and feel free to speak the things of God also. Do not be like Thomas, huh? God has laid His hand upon you.
Just go back to sleep, Benjamin, Shalom! The King of kings is coming very soon! Not a Prophet is saying this, but the angel of God, Michaël, who is finished with the road.
And then the angel was gone.

Shalom! God Bless


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