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Is ‘Chip’ technology friendly?

Published on January 18, 2018 by Aaron

An advertisement on a uniform truck advertised ‘Blue Chip’ technology as friendly and smart. But what does Jesus Christ have to say about this?

On January 9, 2018, I was working and noticed a truck outside of my work place.
The truck delivered work uniforms and rugs to businesses. I saw one of the workers and went up to him, and asked him about the ‘Blue Chip’ technology that was advertised on the side of the uniform delivery truck.

The driver of the truck said that his company uses ‘Blue Chip’ technology, and this way they can track all uniforms and rugs that they deliver to companies. The chip lets them know how many uniforms and rugs they pick up the driver told me, and he showed me a list of products that the uniform company inventoried. I then told him that we are all being trained and systematically shown to accept the chip technology, but it is not meant for our good, but for our take over! I gave this man a business card of the Lord’s website and told him about what the Lord Jesus Christ says about the RFID-chip and that it is the mark of the beast. The fallen angel technology is already in the world…