Saint Nicholas and Black Pete exposed!

A message of God: The truth is made public 100%, why Saint Nicholas is racist and occult, in this revealing, informative, warning and also referring message of God, delivered on December 1, 2015, by God’s messenger angel, to Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen, on behalf of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Published on Dec 3, 2015 by My […]

Sinterklaas en Zwarte Piet ontmaskerd!

Boodschap Gods: De waarheid wordt 100% openbaar gemaakt, waarom Sinterklaas racistisch en occult is, in deze openbarende, mededelende, waarschuwende, en ook verwijzende boodschap Gods, die op 1 december 2015 door Gods bode engel, woord voor woord, werd overgeleverd aan Profeet Benjamin Cousijnsen, namens Jezus Christus van Nazareth! Gepubliceerd op 1 dec 2015 door Evangelical Endtime […]

The timing of ‘the Kingbird’!

A message of God: Verily, despite all of the problems and concerns, taking you to the edge of your nest, the Kingbird comes at the right time in order to catch you! Published on March 5, 2015 by My Shalom Please share and do not change © BC   Full view: Hello, very welcome! On […]

Not everyone understands your ways!

A message of God: Be strong, whatever happens! Don’t expect everyone to understand your way of life and understand God’s choices. The Lord speaks about His anointed, the two witnesses, the two olive trees that stand before the Lord of the world! Furthermore, the Lord, Adonai, El Elohím, Tz’va’ot, the Lord your God, also indicates […]

Was ist Himmelfahrt?

Botschaft Gottes: Bei Himmelfahrt geht es nicht darum, mit dem Fahrrad rauszufahren und gesellig beieinander zu sein. Das ist nicht Himmelfahrt. Sondern es geht darum, was Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christus, am Kreuz für Sie tat! Veröffentlicht am 14. Mai 2015 von Evangelical Endtime Machine International Bitte teilen und nicht ändern © BC Vollständige Wiedergabe: Hallo, […]

More about soulmates!

A message of God: Verily, my name is Lovesadai and I am an angel of the Lord. Anyone who is not one, and is in a kind of negative energy, such as anger, irritation, mistrust and criticism, may assume that this is not your soulmate. Published on May 13, 2015 by Heiscoming12 Please share and […]

Siya ay hahampas ng hindi inaasahan; maging handa para sa Rapture araw-araw!

Nilathala noong ika-23 ng Mayo taong 2015 ni ocgng Isang mensahe mula sa Diyios: Panatilihin ang iyong pagkakaibigan, ang iyong kaugnayan kay Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesucristo. Asahan Siya, ipagtapat ang iyong mga kasalanan, at pagsikapin, kalakip ang ibang mga bagay, ang iyong paggaling, at maging handa para sa Rapture! Magnyaring ibahagi at huwag baguhin © BC

What is Ascension? 

A message of God: Ascension is not about heading out with the bike and gathering cozily together. This is not Ascension. But it is about what Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ, did for you on the cross! Published on May 15, 2015 by My Shalom Please share and do not change © BC Full view:  Hello, […]