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At the request of the Almighty Himself, God’s angels present themselves in His full Name

You will read and hear in this message why the angels of God have been presenting themselves for years in this full Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, YHWH, Jesus Christ, and by order of the Almighty convey the messages to end-time Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen.

Published on June 7, 2023 by ocgng

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Hello, welcome! On June 6th, 2023, a messenger angel of God brought on this message from God to end-time Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen, which I would like to share with you.

Shalom! I greet you in the almighty Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, YHWH, Jesus Christ. Verily, verily, I tell you, my name is Vrodia, and I am a messenger angel of God.

Pay attention!
My greeting means that I convey this message completely at the request of the Almighty, in this Name; Yeshua HaMashiach, YHWH, Jesus Christ, the King of kings. Verily, many do pray, but not from their heart, and if they do not use this full Name and only say ‘Yeshua HaMashiach’, or ‘YHWH’, or ‘Jesus Christ’, then that is not a problem. Likewise, some still choose to say this greeting on behalf of the LORD at His own request.
In Heaven the angels of God only say ‘Yeshua HaMashiach’, and this Name is pronounced in different ways, but naming His Name completely is better, and I could tell you so much more about it. One of the reasons is also that the evil spirits impersonate Him and even show a demon-stration like running fast, and barking in the spirit, screaming, and sitting upside down in the chair, or laughing loudly and uninhibited at nothing, among other things, however, these signs are not from Yeshua HaMashiach, YHWH, Jesus Christ. The Lord knows that the evil spirits fear His full Name!

1 John 4, verse 1 Beloved, don’t “immediately” believe every spirit “or miracle”, but test the spirits, “whether they are utterance of the deceiving spirits and” whether they are “truly” of God, because “precisely now in the end of days run back and forth” many false prophets, “and false pastors, and false teachers which” have gone out into the world “and like poisonous mushrooms they spring up from the ground!”

They especially do not mention this very powerful, tormenting, and full Name of, Yeshua HaMashiach, YHWH, Jesus Christ!
This does not mean that Jesus Christ is not the full Name with no power, but it mainly has to do with the evil spirits, the fallen angels and demons, who are more brutal in these last days. Thus the angels of God on behalf of the LORD have been announcing this salutation for many years at the time of delivering God’s messages. Now understand this, that the evil spirits often only dare to say “Jesus,” or “god,” or “Yeshua,” therefore they fear His full Name! You may safely say ‘Jesus Christ’, but I would like to point out that it is the LORD who says it is not for nothing that the full Name, Yeshua HaMashiach, YHWH, Jesus Christ has been mentioned for years.

Verily, if one observes a deliverance or healing where one puts oneself in the foreground with show and magic, among other things, and one does not refer to and does not name the full Name of the LORD, then this is often not from God.

1 John 4, verses 2 to 6  By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit who confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit who doesn’t confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God, and this is the spirit of the Antichrist, of whom you have heard that it comes. Now it is in the world already. You are of God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world. They are of the world. Therefore they speak of the world, and the world hears them. We are of God. He who knows God listens to us. He who is not of God doesn’t listen to us. By this we know the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.
And verse 15 Whoever confesses that Jesus “Christ” is the Son of God, God remains in him, and he in God.
And verse 20 If a man says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who doesn’t love his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen?
And 2 John 1, verse 7 For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who don’t confess that Jesus Christ came in the flesh. This is the deceiver and the Antichrist.


Romans 15, verse 18 For I will not dare to speak of any things except those which Christ worked through me, for the obedience of the Gentiles, by word and deed.

Revelation 19, verse 20 The beast was taken, and with him the false prophet who worked the signs in his sight, with which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image. These two were thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with sulfur.

Verily, let this comprehensive informative message give you clarity.
I conclude with the heavenly blessing and greet on behalf of the LORD, Yeshua HaMashiach, YHWH, Jesus Christ. Ruacha, Yeshu, Shalom!

Spoke the messenger angel of God and disappeared.


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