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Ailyn’s testimony: Miracles still happen

Published on May 14, 2020 by Ailyn

To the world! My name is Ailyn, and I am one of the warriors of the last days. I want to say to the world how faithful and true the messages are which are given by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself to His end-time Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen and His chosen Prophetess Theresa. It is just like what I said in my previous testimony, that I had already learned some information about this ministry, although not in full.

When the Lord showed me His ministry in my dream, I really thought that spaceships didn’t exist. And when I came to learn about the Evangelicalendtimemachine ministry and its messages, I was surprised because the information was related to my dream, as well as to other dreams that I have experienced. I have been a follower since 2013, but wasn’t able to focus on the ministry due to some personal reasons. When I talked to Prophet Benjamin in 2014, he predicted my future and it came true…