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Again some wishes discussed!

Part 3: Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen shares some emails with you, that people have sent him and brings your wish before the Lord! The EvangelicalEndtimemachine team will also pray for you. Three weeks, we will be busy with this, with wishes. All emails that are sent in, will come together, and the workers of the last days, our team, will all pray together for these emails and for those who have submitted the emails, so that we pray for it together. And of course, if you’re watching and you think, ‘Yes, but I also want to pray with you’. Please do! The more people pray, the nicer it is, like one family in Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ.

Published on Sept 26, 2015 by Endtime Evangelical Machine International & Heiscoming12

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I wish

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Hello, very welcome! I am Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen. Today is September 24th, 2015. We will continue with wishes today, and people have a lot of wishes. And of course we have received wishes again!

I would like to go read a wish from someone who writes:
“My wish is to get pregnant with triplets – babies, and to get rid of the debts.” I have brought this wish to the Lord, and the Lord says the following: If one has debts, it is better not to start with babies, even if you wish for triplets. That was the answer from the Lord.

Then we go to the next email…
And that was about a person who asked for prayers for his theory examination. He had twice failed the exam! He asked for prayer. As you know, last time we prayed for this. And the good news is that he has now succeeded for the third time. Warmly congratulations! And so you see, that the Lord is already  answering prayers in the meantime.

Then we go now to the next email.
And that’s a wish from someone, who also desperately wants to have the same emblem as the workers of the last days. Unfortunately, we cannot provide this, because they are specifically for the workers of the last days.

Then we move on to the next email.
And that is also a person – and I think that there are more – who listens faithfully to the messages of the Lord. He would like to be baptized by Prophet Benjamin. He also asks whether there are meetings. Of course we indeed have house groups. And indeed we do have a church, but then you’d have to go all the way to the Philippines. Furthermore, it is said: “I would love to meet you!” I think there are a few thousand people, who want to meet me. But unfortunately I cannot grant that wish. It’s true, I also read that there are many who want to be baptized. We usually do this as follows: the workers of the last days that are in the vicinity, the one who lives closest, that he or she will baptize that person.

Turning now to the next email.
And that is: “I would really like to walk in the holiness of the Lord, and I would do everything for that!” Well, that’s very easy. If you would do anything for it, you just need to be faithful to the Lord and maintain His commandments.

The following desire is:
“My wish is that my brothers and sisters will be saved, and also my father and mother.”

Yes, dear listeners and viewers, of course,
thus we receive a lot of emails, but there are also a lot of prayers, which we bring to the Lord. And sometimes we wonder, ‘Why doesn’t the Lord fulfill this?’ You may have been praying for that for a very long time. But the Lord knows our hearts. And the last time I already mentioned, that the Lord knows exactly what you need. I also told you about that one child with that drill, that he very much wanted a drill. But Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ, knew exactly that this was not good, that it is dangerous for a child. And so it is with us too. Of course it is not always dangerous, but it is indeed true: the Lord knows what we need and what we really need! It’s not always about teeth, or a wig, or something like that.

The nice thing about everything is that Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ, looks at our hearts!
He looks at our hearts, and He does not condemn. People may very well condemn and point and say, “Look once, what she looks like, or he, or you must see this!” People look very often at the outside and can judge about it. And that also happens without you realizing it, also by some person, and sometimes even by some Christians, that one – despite being a Christian – must be vigilant, and that we must act in love, that one still looks at the outside! And the world precisely does so! The world looks at the outside, hurts, humiliates, condemns… And satan loves that. Satan finds that great to hurt someone pretty much, until that person no longer has any hope, and all kinds of thoughts are coming into his mind. And satan responds to that, that one thinks: “I am nothing in God’s eyes, I am nothing in this world, I don’t belong here”… And indeed, one commits suicide, which the Lord doesn’t support at all! Because the Lord looks at the heart, and the Lord does not condemn. Only satan does that! And satan works in a lot of people that way, in order to especially destroy others. And the Lord also says: Come as you are, and don’t wait until tomorrow. Come as you are, and fear not! Because I love you and I know your heart, says the Lord. I truly love you the way you look like now. And I’m not judging you. I truly love you! says the Lord. Come to Me, says the Lord, and I will give you rest, I will comfort you, I will encourage you, because you are a pearl in My hand, says the Lord. The Lord says: You are special. And that beautiful thing, that beautiful thing that I see in you, says the Lord, even though another one doesn’t see it, but I do see it! says the Lord. And you are precious in My eyes!

And I can tell you, The Lord is glad with you!
And that’s it for today and also what I have passed on, what the Lord also says. I want to tell you, next time we are going to take all the letters. And the Lord makes it clear to me that we are going to lay hands on the letters, the emails. And I would already like to ask you to pray with us next week. Because then, the Lord is going to pass on something special to everyone.

But you will hear that yet later, and that’s why I tell you goodbye, and Ruacha, Yeshu, Shalom!


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