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A wise person versus a fool

Yeshua HaMashiach, Isa, YHWH, Jesus Christ, shows you very well in this message of God that back then, but also now, many are foolish and disobedient, and that little has changed to this day! (After clicking the video, wait for a moment until it plays.)

Published on Apr 1, 2019 by My Shalom

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Hello, welcome! On April 1st, 2019, a messenger angel of God brought on the following message to end-time Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen.

Shalom! I greet you in the almighty Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, Isa, YHWH, Jesus Christ.


Sirach 21, verses 1 to 3  My child, have you sinned? Don’t do it again, and pray for forgiveness for what you have already done. Avoid sin as if it were a snake. If you get too near, it will sink its teeth into your soul like a lion, and destroy you. Every lawless act leaves an incurable wound, like one left by a double-edged sword.

Verily, my name is Selsadai, and I am a messenger angel of God.

Sirach 21, verse 6  If you refuse to accept correction, you are committing a sin; and if you fear the Lord, you will make a sincere change in your ways.

Do you see it?
Of course you see it; it’s more than quite clear!

Sirach 21, verses 14 to 16  The mind of a fool is like a broken jar: it can’t hold knowledge. If those who understand hear a wise word; they will praise it and add to it. Those who like to indulge themselves hear it and are displeased, and they turn their back on it. A fool’s endless talk is a burden while on a journey, but grace will be found on the lips of the intelligent.

1 Corinthians 13, verses 4 and 5  Love is patient and is kind; love doesn’t envy. Love doesn’t brag, is not proud, doesn’t behave itself inappropriately, doesn’t seek its own way, is not provoked, takes no account of evil.

And Sirach 21, verses 22 to 28  The foolish enter quickly into a house, but an honorable person will stand outside. The senseless peer into a house through the door, but the educated will stand outside. Ignorance causes people to listen through a door, but the prudent will be distressed at the dishonor of doing so. The lips of strangers will report these things, but the words of the prudent will be placed on a balance. Fools say whatever is on their minds, but the wise remain mindful of what they say. When the ungodly curse their enemies, they curse themselves. Those who whisper stain themselves, and they will be hated by their neighbors.

Yeshua HaMashiach, Isa, YHWH, Jesus Christ, shows you very well that back then, but also now, many are foolish and disobedient, and that little has changed to this day!

Sirach 22, verses 9 and 10  Whoever teaches a fool is gluing together a broken pot or waking up someone out of a deep sleep. Whoever talks with a fool converses with someone who is drowsy; when the conversation is over, the fool will say, “What is it?”

Verily, don’t hang out with a gossiper or an evil speaker!
Before you know it, the gate of Heaven will be closed for you too, forever.

Sirach 22, verse 13  Don’t talk a lot with fools, and don’t go to the unintelligent. When people are senseless, they will bring everything of yours to nothing. Be on guard against them so that you don’t have trouble and don’t get dirty when they shake themselves off. Stay away from them and you will find rest, and their senselessness won’t make you weary.
And verse 27  Who will put a guard on my mouth and an effective seal upon my lips so that I don’t fall because of my speech and so that my tongue doesn’t destroy me?

Sirach 23, verses 7 and 8  Listen, my children, to instruction about your mouth; whoever follows my instruction will never succumb to it. The lips of sinners will seize them and make abusers and the arrogant stumble.
Verses 12 and 13  There is a way of speaking that’s comparable to death; don’t let it be found among Jacob’s descendants. All these things will stay far away from the godly, and they will not wallow in their sins. Don’t grow accustomed to saying coarse things, because to do so is to engage in sinful speech.
And verse 15  People who are accustomed to reproachful words will never learn anything their whole life.

Sirach 25, verses 9 to 12  Happy is the one who has gained good sense and who is passing this along to listening ears. How great is one who finds Wisdom, but no one does better than the one who fears the Lord. Fear of the Lord surpasses everything; those who possess it are incomparable. Fear of the Lord is the start of loving him, and faith is the start of clinging to him.
And verse 25  Don’t allow an outlet for water, and don’t give a wicked wife freedom to speak.

Sirach 26, verses 25 and 26  An unruly wife will be thought of as a dog, but the wife who feels shame will fear the Lord. A wife who honors her own husband will appear wise to everyone, but the wife who dishonors her husband with arrogance will be known to all as ungodly. So far.

Sirach 27, verses 4 to 6  When a sieve is shaken, rubbish remains behind; so in the process of reasoning, a person’s flaws appear. A kiln tests a potter’s jars, and decision making tests a person. A tree’s fruit reveals how well it has been cultivated. In the same way, reasoning makes plain a person’s thoughts.
Verses 12 and 13  Limit the time you spend with unintelligent people, but linger with the thoughtful. The conversation of fools is offensive, as is their laughter over sinful pleasures.
And verse 15  The conflict of the arrogant ends in bloodshed, and their abuse is miserable to hear.

Sirach 28, verse 12  If you blow on a spark, it will flame up, and if you spit on it, it will go out; nonetheless, both come out of your mouth.
Verses 17 and 18  The blow of a whip leaves a welt, but the blow of the tongue will break bones. Many have fallen by the edge of the sword, but many more have fallen because of the tongue.
And verse 20  Its yoke is made of iron, and its shackles are made of bronze.

And Sirach 32, verses 20 and 21  Don’t walk on a hazardous path, and don’t stumble on stony ground. Don’t trust an unexplored road.

Verily, he who hates reproof is stupid and remains blind, hard as a rock, ruthless and hopeless, and lost forever!
Verily, Kadosh, Holy is the Lord, and have respect for His words. Be in awe, and confess your sins and repent. Be kadosh, holy to the Lord!

2 Corinthians 11, verses 13 to 15  For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as Christ’s apostles. And no wonder, for even satan masquerades as an angel of light. It is no great thing therefore if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.

Galatians 5, verse 14  For the whole law is fulfilled in one word, in this: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”.
And verses 24 and 25  Those who belong to Christ have crucified the flesh with its passions and lusts. If we live by the Spirit, let’s also walk by the Spirit.

And Ephesians 4, verses 20 to 24  But you did not learn Christ that way; if indeed you heard him, and were taught in him, even as truth is in Jesus: that you put away, as concerning your former way of life, the old man, that grows corrupt after the lusts of deceit; and that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and put on the new man, who in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of truth.

I’m going now, spoke the messenger angel of God, Ruacha, Yeshu, Shalom!


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